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Is this a christian site?

this isn’t really a rant but i guess it fits better into that category than the others, so…

i a wondering if there is some christian thing going on at fiverr. why? because i have twice tried to request a gig for something that a christian might find offensive and neither has been approved by staff

the first was for a book cover that i wanted to look like a hells angels back patch. the second was an animation of satan throwing someone into the lake of fire

what’s the story?

Well not sure, but I think if you tried requesting a gig offensive to any religion it would get denied. I’ve seen some approved once which had “(Religious content included)” but none specifying a certain religion.

I’m pretty sure your problem has nothing to do with religion.
People has trouble with gig requests all the time, but I don’t know why. Maybe you wrote some non-allowed word in your request description or something like that.

One more thing: I haven’t seen any new buyer request in my category since yesterday, so maybe the buyer request system isn’t working properly today.

You know, I had a gig idea that I knew could be a bit risque. So I’ve just run it by Customer Support and asked if this is acceptable, or do I need to tone down certain aspects of it.

They either say yes or no, and I don’t waste my time creating a gig that will get canned quicker than I can recite the Lord’s Prayer (which I don’t know by heart, so I’m being generous time wise).

Fiverr is an Israeli company, so if anything… but if you think the religious stuff is somehow impeding your requests from being approved, perhaps just omit anything vaguely devilish and use code words. As belengarcia said, the buyer request category seems iffy lately and the site was down for a few hours yesterday, so you may have just picked a bad time all round to issue your request.

I’ve seen gigs from witches, spells, magic, so I don’t think Fiverr is religion phobic. Alough I haven’t seen any gigs about Mohammed cartoons, in fact, I just searched “Mohammed cartoon” and found nothing. I don’t know if Fiverr is deleting those gigs or there’s not a lot of income potential with them.

What did you try to request? We can’t help you if we don’t know.

I searched “Christian” and found this:

I will write a quality Christian article under 500 words for $5
I will mention your Christian eBook on my HighTrafficSite for $5
I will promote your christian book or service in my christian website for $5
I will send Your Song to 50 Gospel Christian Radio Stations for $5
I will send Press Release to 50 Christian Church Newspapers for $5

And many more. So why not just search for what you want and order it? Message the seller only if you’re not sure. Just do me a favor, if the guy says

"I will write a Christian blog for $5"
Please don’t ask him: What do you do for $5?

I HATE stupid questions, believe me, I do not turn my other cheek when that happens. LOL

no, not at all. It’s just many sellers find things offensive, even if someone is not Christian many people do not like to do work that is offensive to anyone, period.

Same request can be denied by a Fiverr staff member then approved by another one when resubmitted. Just try again (maybe with some wordings changed).

No. It is >-)

It’s impossible.

What about the satanists? Where are their rights? :)) (I am not a satanist FYI)