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Is This A Design Change Or Just Me?


My dashboard looks weird now. It’s way too small.

This is how gigs are appearing to me, rather 4 per line it’s down to 3 per line…what’s going on?

Is anyone else seeing this or is it just me?


This looks awful in every way.


I think the site has some auto zoom out feature as I noted while closing the window. I could have 100% set and upon entering the site it zooms out to 90%.


Nope, I checked. It’s at 100% which is teh default zoom value.


Mine looks ok. Not sure if it helps but try Ctrl + 0 (zero).


It must be me then. It shows in the address bar when I use firefox.


Still 4 for me, on Chrome.


I’ve tested with all browsers, it’s 3 for me and still looks ugly. Even tried on my laptop, same results. Maybe this is something Fiverr is testing. The dashboard is hirting my eyes.


I have both the 3 gig and 4 gig display depending on my browser size.

It really depends on the size of screen you’re using.


I’m using the same screen I use every day.


try to clear browser cache then restart the browser and please check Zoom-in and Zoom-out also



try updating your web browser.


I’ve been experiencing the same thing since yesterday. I’ve looked around the code, and it seems Fiverr changed the ToDo list design to have a 980px width instead of the previous ~1200px. Why? Probably something to do with responsive design, although it looks awful on a big screen :weary:

The Secret Behind the Design Change


Just got the same update myself.

Looks really bad on my pc monitor. So much unused space…


This was truly such a bad idea with literally no plus.


I just came to the Forums to check and see if this was just me! I thought I was going insane for a moment.

Fiverr does a lot of incredible things for me, but this update was not one of them. :joy: :skull: