Is this a fair revision?


I have a buyer who asked for an article a lot of content to be packed into a thousand words. I managed to do it, but with no room for an into on the article. I told her if she wanted an intro, she’ll have to order some more words.

Instead, she requested a revision and asked to trade 200 words I already wrote for an intro. I feel like this isn’t fair, since I already did the work and it is according to her request. How do I refuse tactfully without getting a bad review? I’m so tired of spending extra time for people who change their minds after the fact.


The article should already come with an intro/conclusion. Your solution was terrible. You should have included all the information, delivered, then noted that you could expand further on points a, b and c with an extra 200 words or whatever, asking them if they’d like to go ahead or not.

You have effectively delivered an incomplete order and are trying to pressgang them into buying more words…they clearly don’t want to, so you’re gonna have to do it. 200 words should only take about 5-10 minutes since you’re familiar with the content anyway. NBD.


Thank you, you’re absolutely right. I can always count on you to give an honest answer. I’ll do the requested revision and make sure to plan my writing better next time.


Why would you ever skip the intro? From a buying or selling perspective that just doesn’t make any sense. Also, a 1000 words gives you a lot of room to include a lot of information. What was the topic?


It was a list of 6 to 10 destinations with seven categories within each destination. That is a lot to cover in 1000 words, and I probably should have pointed that out in the beginning.

I actually have had a several orders like this where the buyer specifically requested no intro. Some clients use them for the kind of listicle where you click an arrow to go to each new page.


Oh, makes sense. I usually try to stay away from that kind of work. Those articles eat time and word counts like little stress vampires gorging on your soul.

I just hope this wasn’t a $5 order?


Yeah, it takes a lot of research to do that kind, but sometimes I have to deal with them for the sake of the regulars. No, it was more money than that. Still not enough to make me motivated to do more work on it. I guess I shot myself in the foot there, though. :stuck_out_tongue: