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Is this a fiverr Policy?

i think its a fiverr policy to give some rest to the sellers who just promoted to the level 1 or 2. :smiley: i got my level 1 with in a month but after that did not received any order. i have done some research and ask many sellers and their answer was same that after getting level 2 or level 1 they waited for quite some time for new order. whats your opinion guys?

Well am yet to get to level 1

No it is not a policy. It did not happen to me that way.
It might be that your gigs were not given as much visibility when you were promoted. Fiverr always gives new sellers much more visibility.

may u prosper and achieve your goal soon .

should i contact to cs?

I think it’s a natural progression - once you are no longer a new seller, your gigs get visibility based on your reviews and your response rate. If you can lower your average response time, that might help!

Also, your current profile reads:
"A team of professionals expert in all kinds of graphic designing projects.
we believe in quality of work and client satisfaction.
Try us "

And I would suggest editing some of the grammar and doing some light rewording:
“A team of professional experts with diverse experience in graphic design projects; no project is too small. We believe in quality, consistency, and client satisfaction. Now accepting custom offers!”

Thank you so much. i will change my description

perfect tips for him :slight_smile:

not this is not right!

I am new, so I start selling and listening You guys :slight_smile:

Its not a fiverr policy. fiverr consider only in value of gig and quality of gig.
Its not happen with me also.

Fiverr floods new gigs with traffic for a short period of time to help them get started, but after that it’s up to you to pick up where they left off. It’s not a policy that they penalize successful sellers, it’s just they removed the training wheels and now you’re on your own.

Actually I saw my sales increased after receiving my Level 1 badge.