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Is this a genuine request?


I’m new to Fiverr, got my first request through just now - concerned it may be spam as 1) no picture 2) name on given ■■■■■ account doesn’t match their name they’ve used here 3) sketchy details - vague ‘let’s chat as difficult to do in text’ 4) budget is way above any gigs I offer i.e. doesn’t seem to match. 5) timescale (“only 1 hour”) doesn’t seem to match what I offer.

Would love any feedback / insight before I proceed, thank you!

Has anyone else had experience like this?


Yeah, sounds like a common scam.
This might be a useful read for you - post and comments.


I assume you mean chat as in chat away from Fiverr? If so, it’s a scam.

Just say ‘no thanks’, then block and report.


Thank you. Has put my mind at rest!

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Thank you. That’s very helpful!

Sorry to be thick - I’ve blocked, but how do I report?

Welcome to Fiverr!

First off: Excellent move coming to the Forum. Folks here are incredibly helpful. There is no stupid question except the one not asked. Full stop.

Secondly: I too am relatively new to Fiverr. I posted my first gig last week and was pleasantly surprised when I received my first inquiry from a potential buyer within around 48 hours. The good news for you is that you came here first before proceeding. Well done! I was not as fortunate.

Thirdly: The first questionable request I received the buyer also had no photo, and vague details. Also, they were offering to pay above my rate. The turnaround time (two days at 45 minutes apiece for recording a voice over at a studio near me) seemed off. What I did that was naive, and also wasn’t aware of at the time was against Fiverr TOS, was after several attempts gave them the benefit of the doubt and provided my email address because I fell for their excuses. Word of advice: Never Do That. Run away!

Just as a heads up, and after doing a bit of digging and research, what this “buyer” was probably attempting was part of a fraudulent check/money laundering scheme. They promise you a certain amount, mail you a larger check, and then request you forward the balance after you’ve withdrawn your portion. The money is laundered through your account, they take their cut, while you are on the hook for repaying the full amount, or going to jail for participating (albeit unwittingly) in the scheme.

For more information you can consult the FTC as well as the Better Business Bureau, and search under scams.

Every inquiry I’ve received since has also followed along the lines of wanting to communicate off platform. I’ve developed a professional way to deal with these, by insisting they go through Fiverr, otherwise after thanking them for their interest, kindly say I’m not interested.

Fiverr has set it up so that you do not have to go outside the system for communication with a buyer. Besides being a way to keep you honest and capture their contracted percentage of revenue from your sales, they also keep you safe from scams and frauds. If you don’t click on a sketchy link you are less likely to get phished, or download a virus infected document - as they scan for most viruses for anything that arrives inside their platform. More importantly, you can report them and block the offender, and have the support of Fiverr CS. Leaving their platform to communicate with a someone who turns out to be a scammer takes you out of their auspices, and can also result in you be removed from the platform for violating their TOS.

I’ve learned if someone can’t communicate simply through the messaging system, or refuses to, there is a higher likelihood it is a scam, especially for all the reasons you’ve listed.

Finally: take heart! You’ve passed the first test. Now onto your first sale!

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Hey thanks Jasnrula for taking the time to share such a comprehensive answer. Really helpful to read your experience and insight, thanks

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You bet! Happy to help.

Good luck!


It’s a scam, you should block or report.

Thanks Ahsan2k18! Much appreciated