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Is this a joke?

“I will write five 500-word articles for $5”. WHAT?!

It gets worse… 25 500-word articles for $15. Seriously, people?

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I saw an ad on another freelance site the other day that was advertising for people to write 2 x 3000 word articles for $6!!! They said it was a quick and easy job. The scary (and sad) part is, there were STACKS of applicants!

Same person wanted people to do 3000 word voiceovers for $1 saying it was “good experience” for newbies… I guess where there are people that will lowball their work so badly, there are clients who will rub their hands with glee at getting pretty much free work…

Can you even imagine the quality of 25 x 500 word articles for $15? Surely it will just be software spun garbage?

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As someone said, there are now millions of sellers on Fiverr, and just 100,000 buyers.

I frequently see offers on other Freelance websites.

“Looking for 5,000 word eBook. Will Pay $5.00”

They get so many bids too.

Morons will moron.

Pretty much

Or it would be ˝stolen˝ articles.

“I have ebook ~45k words also write some stuff for me. need edited in 24 hours. offer of $6-8 FINAL” – gets 30 offers. Whut? I mean, I guess if they want to receive shoddy work and lose a couple of dollars that’s their problem, but…it just pains me to think that writing (of any standard) would receive such a butchering…:confused:

I had this nice man in my inbox earlier today. Is this a joke, indeed?

3600 sound a bit cheap for 60k words. Btw 3600 is the biggest quote i have given on fiverr but the buyer only wanted to pay 800, advised them to go find another seller.

He didn’t respond to my last message. I will have to live with not knowing what he expected the price to be (probably not $5, but low hundreds as he’s “done his research”)

and yes, $3,600 sounded a bit cheap to me as well, but my gigs are geared towards shorter pieces. It really mystifies me when someone selects a “blah blah blah 300 words” gig and thunders in with a 60k work without elaborating beyond the words. Yo, your book could be highly technical and require me to research and learn about the area (£££) or a shitty romance that just needs sexing up. That affects the price too!

All in all, request like this are going to get very lazy responses.

A 45 second research shows that with the average wage in your line of work that was a quote for a 16 hour job.

I see that you know more about the project than I did, including what the book was about, how technical it was, how much work needed to be done etc.

Yes, a quick Google can give a lot of insight into things like this. But what are you proving? Besides, my search results may throw up different results to yours, which renders your point moot. If you were looking at salaried wages, then I’d question that too as this is a commissioned price, rather than an “I get $250ish for a couple of day’s work”.

You’re also not factoring in the global economy. I live in a… well, I was going to say cheap country. Some things are cheaper, others aren’t. The tax for self-employed people is ridiculous, for example. But never mind my situation and my billing for my situation.

You’re saying that you encapsulated all that into 45 seconds of hardcore research? Nice one, mate. You should charge more for your Expert Level Googling.

At the end of the day, he asked me a stupid question and got a stupid reply.

Nope im just saying it doesn’t take much research to realize the quote you gave was a fair one in this situation.

Edit: ah i see, was writing “16 september” as response on facebook when replying to you. My quick search in the international market showed that copy editors who also spice up texts like you do charge 50 per hour on average so that would mean 3600 is worth 72 hour of your time. But i wrote 16.
sorry about that

For offers like that I say something along the lines of, “Oh, I see. You must have made a typo. Did you mean 50 word eBook for $5?” as I would never work with someone that is that ridiculous.

In fairness, I respond to some of those requests but try to give them more realistic figures for costs. In fact, by doing so it helped me stand out among the rest of them helping the buyer get down more to reality that the quality of the writing will greatly degrade if you order that cheap.

Too bad not all buyers see that.

Oh the pricing for writing! It’s ridiculous.

Especially academic writing. Things like: "3000 word essay, APA format, 24 hour delivery, Super Niche Topic, minimum 17 journal articles cited… budget is $10, don’t respond if you can’t do it in $10."
This is the face I make whenever I see crap like that --> ><"
I also read these absurdities aloud to my housemates, who listen to me rant and call these requests unreasonable… among other fun adjectives.

Yeah. Its a joke.