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Is this a joke?

I see what you’re saying and I do sometimes use that tactic myself, but for those who say things like “my budget is final” I just don’t bother. At the very most I’d get some cash but probably be forced to do ‘free’ work or more work than is necessary (i.e. hundreds of modifications) to make the buyer feel like they were ‘getting their money’s worth.’ It’s easier for me I suppose because I use Fiverr to pay off debts rather than as my main source of income, so I’m strict with how much work I do and for how much - for example turning down a huge bit of work even though I’ll get $100 for it isn’t worth the time and effort I’ll put in.

I saw one just now actually. “I need a top-quality writer with at least 250 reviews who has been a driver for Uber.” Like, if you’re a top-quality writer and have 250 reviews, what are the chances that you’d also be a taxi driver???

It’s worth the effort with some, I landed some pretty decent sized orders this way. Some businesses are just that new they don’t realize how time consuming some projects can be. I don’t spend all too much time sending out these kind of quotes on occasion, so to me it’s more a curious trial and error. Some of course as you said are set in their way with their “budget”, unfortunately.

At least some of the responses will be for more pay, though. When you see two dozen people who appear to be competing for a chance to earn $5 for days of work, at least some of them are actually insisting on more money.

The experienced cheapskate buyers add a line like “The budget is $5. If you don’t agree, don’t bid.”

And they will get bidders who don’t read, offer singing gig for writing request…ect. So that really doesn’t matter.