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Is this a legit Message from Fiverr?

Hey there! My second day and I have already encountered spam on Fiverr!

And now I have a message from “discobot” that claims to be from Fiverr and wants me to bookmark the message and click on some links for a “present” ??? Because of how my settings are configured, It also showed up on my computer email. Frankly, it raises my “suspicion-meter” up several notches.

Does Fiverr actually send safe, legitimate messages saying they are from “discobot”?

Can you share a screenshot of that mail? usually, Forum sends a Welcome PM to a new user. It sends by a bot user named @discobot


Yes it looked like that you show and then these followed.

This is a system message from Forum, don’t have to worry about it. You can turn off forum related emails from Forum settings


Thanks so much for filling me in!