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Is this a legitimate job offer?

Like the name suggests, I’d like to know people’s opinions on this. A couple of days ago, I was asked by someone to purchase and review a pair of jeans from their Amazon business. I don’t have a review gig posting on my Fiverr, but I figured I should learn a little bit more. The person gave me this PDF as a set of instructions to follow.

This raised some red flags for me as it seemed a little suspect. Am I right in thinking this or has anybody here took a job similar to this where everything turned ok?

I’d appreciate it if people let me know what to look out for.

Well if it is his math is all wrong. he needs to pay us 37$ for us to get 30$ which we can then use to buy and review the product.
My 10$ guess is that the link you see is affiliate link and he is getting money with you just clicking on it.
Same like that guy that screamed on YouTube ads for some time some billion guy who somehow even with his billion is still a virgin.



No. Pass. And maybe even flag him.

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Looks sketchy to me.

I’d pass.

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You also risk buying the pants and having them cancel the order leaving you paying for the pants on your own. It screams desperation.

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Paid reviews

Do not post, offer or ask for paid reviews, positive or negative feedback on any product, service or performance.

The above is from the Community Standards.

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Must’ve missed that part of the ToS. Thanks for letting me know.


:rofl: :rofl:

Good point!
And will do.

I don’t think you should take this offer!

It’s against Fiverr TOS to contact people outside of Fiverr, and since he gave you his WhatsApp number, I would take that as a red flag.

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I figured. Good thing I reported him then.

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