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Is this a real offer or scam?

You’ll get $800 a month. This excludes your expenses used in getting the required tools. Furthermore, there are 100% chances of a salary increase base on your hard-work review. However, it’s a simple work that doesn’t affect your daily activities. It’ll only take you 2-4 hours daily, 4-5 days a week.

Your primary duty is to print a check letter on the check paper. The check letters will be sent into your e-mail alongside with the shipping label. You’ll print the check letters on the check paper and the shipping labels on a white paper. You’ll package the printed check in the envelop and glue its shipping labels on the envelope as well and lastly, you take them out to the respective provided courier service for mailing. Most importantly, You have to make sure the mail gets out to the courier service for pickup before their closing hour so it can be scanned. Understood!!!

This is the offer I received. Is it real???

I’d pass.

Sounds fishy to me as soon as I read the first six words.

But that’s me.

I trust few people online when it comes to money matters.

This just sends my Spidey senses into overdrive.

I agree, I was just hoping it was real because it sounds like such a good offer (red flag number 1). Thanks so much for your response!

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100% scam …

This is definitely a scam. Look up “payroll scams” or “check fraud scams” to learn more about this type of scam. It looks like this type of scam has gotten a lot more steam this year with more people looking for work from home jobs.

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lmao I asked him for his full name so that I could send him an email through his company’s employee directory and he just called me rude, stupid, an idiot, and then blocked me.

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Fake af! Beware! I was almost a victim of one of these. It’s a form of money laundering.