Is this a repeat buyer? - URL Structure


Say, you see Untagged has ordered your gig [-( , and you are not sure whether untagged is a repeat customer. Here is an easy way to show how many gigs, if any, untagged has ordered from you in the past:[yourUserName]/manage_orders?search[user_username_is]=untagged

Put the address above into the browser, while logged in, and you will see the past gigs, if any. Oh, replace ‘untagged’ with the Fiverr name of the buyer you are interested to know about; & replace [yourUserName] with your user name.


Here it will show me (untagged) whether the buyer or potential buyer ( oldbittygrandma ) has bought any of my gig.

EDIT: You can reach to the same result via a workaround:[buyer’s_user_name], where [buyer’s_user_name] is the name of the buyer you are interested to know about. Using our example, . Then you will see a link showing number of previous sales, if any. H/T to @rodesigners, @goodworker123, and @thefacebookgeek. Click that link, if any.

That’s a tip for today.



Every time I try to do that, it just takes me to the home screen…


Reply to @Helena8664: Change the URL correctly :slight_smile:


oh thank you for this.

i usually do a:[Buyer’suserName]

where [Buyer’suserName] is the username of the customer you’re interested to know about.

It will show you conversations between the both of you and at the top of the page, you will see how many sales the customer has generated from you:

Conversation started on XXXXXXXX • 5 Sales


Thanks untagged & thefacebookgeek :)>-


Hi Fiverrs,

You are all welcome.

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Grandma is always free-for-all grandkids to tease :slight_smile:

Reply to @thefacebookgeek: Some buyers get straight to business. No fuss, no muss. No conversation threads.


Thank you!


This is great, hopefully there will be a button on the order page that does this soon!


Works well for me. I suppose it works the reverse with your sellers?


when you go to inbox, open a message from a buyer, The link will be on the top of message [x sales]


I always check “Completed Sales” so I can see what they had going before but this is ok - I just goof it up since Im dyslexic and narcoleptic I fall asleep before I get there (The Edgar Cayce illness ) I call it LOL


My counts are so off right now I am not sure what is going on with the fiverr system, that I log onto fiverr and check all the rooms to make sure no one has been left behind of forgotten


@untagged, you bet me to the punch! I was going to post this tip because when I figured this out I was thrilled!! Fiverr should probably make an improvement to make this easier for us but until they do this is a terrific work around. :slight_smile:


thanks for sharing this great tip here cool one.


Great tip.


It has been pleasure to share this tip with you guys.

@oranjegirl, in some situations this kind of URL become useful. Hopeful there will be a button or a link in the future.


I have spent a bunch of time looking at completed orders for repeated clients. Thanks for the tool!!!


I don’t think I’ll need to check for repeat buyers anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:

#19 works :slight_smile:


Nice tip.