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Is this a scam/against Fiverr policy? convo screenshots included

I sent a response back to a buyer request earlier today- they were requesting background removal and some enhancements on scanned photos that they also needed to be sent in multiple print file sizes… it was all kind of vague…

so I asked for clarification and then soon after I got a message from someone requesting to discuss “a contract” and I asked for more info on their seller request once again.

Then they send me a an image that contained their ■■■■■ id and requested I ■■■■■ them. I have not responded…heres some screenshots

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According to Fiverr Terms of Service you may not have any contact with buyers outside of Fiverr. This includes the method the buyer proposed to you for discussing the project and emails. Do not edanger your account by breaking the TOS. Simply tell your client all communication must be on Fiverr.


hello as @vickiespencer said it , better not use other ways to communicate with your buyers, in the future if it happens you have issue with this buyer, it won’t be possible to solve it by the fiverr support. Be careful anyway.

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Thanks for responding - I have no intention of doing business with them outside of Fiverr… Not sure I even want to engage in convo any further actually.

Would you recommend I report this buyer-is there a process to do so that you know of?

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if you feel like it’s not something you want to get into , since you’re not going to answer anymore , me I usually mark those king of convo as spam .I guess it’s the best thing to do.

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You can use the report button. If you look on the right side of the buyer’s name you should be able to see it.
Once the window pops up, you can let Fiverr know that this buyer was trying to
contact you outside.


Thanks everyone! I decided to go ahead and educate the buyer that their suggested communication violates Fiverr TOS (giving them the benefit of the doubt), assuming that they were unaware.

I’m sure they are very well aware of that.

If they wouldn’t have known about that they would’ve just sent you a message, but they went extra mile to create a picture with their pro pal to work outside of fiverr so the system wouldn’t catch trigger words.

On your place I would’ve just report them and wouldn’t risk at all mentioning any of the trigger words or trying educate them and risking your account.


good point, I did report it. thanks @mariashtelle1

I have experienced it several times… Buyers would contact me and then suggest that we discuss the details on ■■■■■ before they order. Only one of them was lucky to escape suspension. I didn’t even have to mark their messages as spam or report them before they got suspended. Just make sure that you’re on the right side of Fiverr’s ToS and you’ll be fine.

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