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Is this a scam of fiverr?

I don’t know what topic this would be under, this seems like the best place to post.

I am new to Fiverr (since yesterday) and I get a message from a user, this, of course, gets me excited because I am thinking I am going to do my first gig. The user asks me what my ■■■■■ is and I told them I don’t use ■■■■■, but they could add me on discord if they wanted to. They add me on Discord and it turns out that they are not interested in my gig, but instead ask me if I know what upwork is. I said I did not, and this is what they sent

“Since last year, Upwork has started to close some accounts because they have too many freelancers on their platform and kinda exceed. That’s the main reason they close some of accounts.
My account is also closed, But I’m doing the upwork for living and without accounts, I can’t get a job.
That’s why I contacted you. If you can help me, I will pay for that.”

I asked them what they needed help with because I didn’t get what they meant, which then they asked

“can we create an account with your info? so I can use the account to get jobs”

Which is when I got suspicious and declined.

Is this a scam?

Yes definitely. …


All communications must happen on Fiverr (as per ToS). So when a “buyer” asks to communicate outside Fiverr that usually means they’re scammers.

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At this point, I’m just thinking of quitting freelancing and running one of these scams myself.

It looks like a scam, it walks like a scam, and it quacks like a scam… But so people still need someone else to confirm it. :roll_eyes:



What could possibly go wrong? :woman_shrugging: