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Is this a scam or am I just paranoid? Big order, red flags


I’ve been on Fiverr for for a couple of years now, have completed 250+ orders and thankfully never had to face a chargeback. I’m really careful, notice red flags and if I’m even slightly suspicious I don’t take on the work. All the bigger orders (~500$) I break into sets of 5 or so, trying to never have one order larger than 100$.

HOWEVER, I woke up this morning to find an order placed for almost 400$. I spoke with the buyer before and I was going to send them custom offers but they went ahead of me so now there’s a few red flags I want to discuss:

  1. The buyer has a couple accounts on FIverr. They messaged me from both within 24hrs asking for a quote describing very similar projects but in different words so I replied to both and now I have two brief chats about the same thing, with the same person but about different questions. I was thinking maybe it was some logging in confusion, there are a few ways to log in to Fiverr so maybe they just got mixed up? Does that happen? One acc is active for a year, another for a month. Or is it a major red flag?

  2. English is ok, but not brilliant. Says ‘basic’ on profile, location US.

  3. They didn’t negotiate at all. Which is strange??? People always ask for quotes and most of the time try to get a better price, especially on the larger orders like this. Or at least we do one illustration first to make sure I meet the expectations to avoid large cancellations. Whereas this person was just ok to pay almost 400$ upfront offering to cover some extras as well. That’s very unusual in my experience.

  4. They shared their e-mail address after placing the order, to which I responded that it’s against ToS and we should communicate on the platform. So what should I do? Report and have the order canceled or ignore and hope for the best?

  5. Their name is spelled differently in e-mal and Fiverr acc.

  6. Googling either of the usernames provides zero results


  1. Person seams generally really nice. The projects is about NICE things. Mindfulness, self-love and soul and stuff like that so I’d assume a person working on this kind of stuff being nice and honest.

  2. They provided me with the link to their website so that seems legit?

  3. City in Fiverr username and location of the business match.

Have you experienced anything similar? Is this genuinely a nice person not familiar with the platform or should I just cancel and suck up the cancellation before I invest days of work?

Sorry for the long post!


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They could be a nice person who couldn’t be bothered to read the rules so they keep breaking them (it’s not just the e-mail thing, having more than one account isn’t allowed, either). It might end up fine.

Then again, if they’re so confused (different messages, breaking the rules), they could mistakenly do something that would harm your account even if there’s no chargeback.


That is a tough call. I suggest that you first talk to the user and talk with him/her why they might have two accounts. If you don’t like that answer, you can further communicate with CS and tell them your suspicions.

At the end of the day, will be your call if you take this risk or not. Can you also try to find if they reviewed any other order on Fiverr. If they are active buyers, you should be fine.

If the potential to lose all this time (and money that you could have gained otherwise) is too big for you, it’s better to cancel the order mutually and ask the buyer to set in smaller chunks.

I found it a bit strange too that someone is willing to spend 400$ without negotiating, talking a lot about it and stuff like that. I always have big chats with my clients that pay these amounts, because ofc they are hesitant for their money.

It doesn’t hurt to investigate this further. IMHO. Hope this will be well for you :slight_smile:

It never hurts to be careful.

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Regarding point 1. do you really expect a scammer to act anything other than charming?

I think that your buyer is a scammer. As for giving you a link to the website and their location matching their place of business, you need to understand how scammers operate.

  • Scammers set themselves up as web design/creative service providers in specific areas
  • They create websites which they use Google Pay Per Click ad campaigns to get to the top of searches in those areas
  • People in need of services in those areas find the scammers website and place an order
  • The scammer immediately outsources the work to Fiverr with the intention of getting their money back after delivery
  • They get the work they need to deliver to their client, you get nothing

Given the above, it is not unusual for a scammer to give you a link to where content will eventually be used. In most cases, a seller will need this for context. As for the scammer red flags, multiple accounts and placing large orders with sellers who they have never worked with previously are usually a sure warning sign.

Hopefully I am wrong. However, what you might want to do just in case, is send a follow-up message like the following:


I am starting on your order now. Also, please note that with all orders, you have the right to request X number of revisions. Please note, though, that I do not cancel orders after delivery. In the event that you do feel the need to cancel, all rights for any delivered work will revert to me and (in the case of work being used without my express permission) be enforced accordingly."

Basically, something like that.


Yes it’s been a couple of times when people have caused trouble by simply not knowing better and having best intentions. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and will wait for a response and if it’s still fishy then report

Thanks! Better safe than sorry! I did Google both of the usernames and didn’t manage to find ANY activity on Fiverr so that’s another red one. I am waiting for a response but I don’t know what they can say to make me feel like it’s ok, best case scenario would be cancelling and doing it is small chunks, as you said. I hate to be that person with no faith in humanity in case they are absolutely legit buyer but the risk is too big in this case


Thanks for such a details response! I really didn’t have an insight on how scammers work in these circumstances but that explains a lot. I’ll send the message you’ve adviced but I feel like cancellation is inevitable at this point. It’s a shame if it’s a legit person though

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I would definitely report all his accounts and cancel the job. Everything about this sounds suspicious. Definitely contact Support!

You are right. But if they are legit, they shouldn’t have no problem with doing it in small chunks. And legit buyers don’t get offended because you try to protect yourself. :slight_smile:


I had a client once that was messaging me from two accounts. She didn’t even realize that she was doing it because she had one set up on her phone that was a new account and one on her computer that was years old and she thought was closed.

What you said is absolutely true… @cyaxrex

Assuming they are scammers, they could have set themselves up to look like a web design/creative service front with a properly designed website and such… to make it look more legit.

BUT then again, after having done all this, after having gone through all these steps, don’t you think they would have been a little more careful about the account they were contacting you from. In my opinion, that would be one of those thing the scammers would NEVER make a mistake about.

If I had to guess who on Fiverr would have an exhaustive knowledge of their ToS, my bet would be on the scammers. Because, they would not want to jeopardize their “free source of income” by going against the ToS and attracting attention to themselves. :slight_smile:

But oh well, it is just pure speculation at this point. Any one of you could be right.


Will be interested to know, how it went…