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Is this a scam or what?

I just joined fiverr and aid a seller for a gig. He had excellent reviews. A week ago I paid to have website project completed in three days. I did not see any changes until after three days when he asked me to request revisions. Almost a week later the project isn’t completed. Is this normal for fiverr? If not, why are his reviews so good? Beginning to think fiverr is a scam. Should I request my money back and just get someone I know personally to complete the task?


Contact the Customer Support they will help you.

ask him why the delay, as CS always see the conversation between the buyer and seller

If you have just joined Fiverr, double check to see if any work has been delivered and/or if this order is still open. If it is still open, send a message to your seller notifying them that you have waited long enough and they either need to deliver your work now or you will be canceling the order. If the order is closed, contact CS in order to get a refund and complain about non-delivery.


My sentiment exactly. Especially those fraud sellers have high rating good reviews and great gig. The parameters within Fiverr are not going to help you to differentiate sellers.

Fraudulent sellers do not have high ratings and good reviews. There has to be more to this story


Your post does not make sense. Are you saying your seller asked you to request revisions?

Of course there are so many fraudulent sellers/service providers with excellent ratings. After checking Fiverr in detail for a few days now I can easily spot the reviews that are made by a peer (possibly mutually) or from another profile produced by the same seller. Those reviews are always 5 stars in every way, and the text is always short and ends with exclamation point. A more experienced con can do it better.

The sellers on Fiverr should worry about the wide spread of this sort of behavior. It is not only misleading, the buyer’s only impression would be the entire web site is a scam. But, don’t direct your anger at the buyers, try improve and change the system

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Every complaint by a buyer, every little issue, every claim regarding being defrauded, every single time there is one simple thing that would have prevented them from happening.

In this easy to read and well laid out document, the whole process of orders, the responsibilities of sellers and buyers, the rules, the guidelines etc are all laid out in plain English.

  • The sellers who ask people to accept a delivery before it is complete? Breaking the rules.
  • The ones who deliver empty? Breaking the rules
  • The sellers asking for people to pay outside the system? Breaking the rules.
  • Etc.

It is common sense to find out how a system works before using it. You are not hiring a company here, you are hiring an individual who sets their own methods and controls their own level of customer service. This is (pro) the reason why prices tend to be low and (con) why some people on the site are supremely incompetent. The key is to know how the system works so that if you happen to mistakenly choose the wrong seller, you know how to make the system work for you in that situation.
PS - I have made over 200 purchases ranging from $5 to several hundred dollars with over 80 sellers and had a handful of bad experiences (in those cases cancellations or refunds happened).
Everything else was done well. Knowing how to use the system works.


OK, I’ll play one more round. So why would your seller request that you ask for them to perform additional work, Wilbur? See how silly that sounds?

Are you calling @newsmike Wilbur the pig? :pig: If so, that is rude! :astonished:


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When is the deadline to deliver the order? He can work at his own schedule as long as he delivers on time. If he asked you to request revisions that is manipulating the delivery schedule so I would ask for a cancellation.

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I’m just misunderstood. :smirk: