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Is this a scam? Some random user with no profile details

Please help me, I am new to fiverr and I want to be very cautious about what I am doing.

First the person messages me, tells me he needs me for voice work, then to contact him via another app since he says that fiverr doesn’t allow contact from outside sources.

I check his fiverr account profile, its blank.

He says he’s from Poland, he tells me about another site, saying that since he doesn’t live in the US he wants me to make one account for him on…another freelance site,

I proceed to ask him other questions such as " why ask me to do this for you instead of what you originally said on fiverr?"

“Why lead me away from this site?”

“Why contact me of all people if not for the original gig?”

“How do I know if I make this account for you I will hear from you again and won’t be blocked?”

He says - “you don’t worry about that, I am sure.” A red flag seemed to go off so I declined again and pretty much asked him how do I know this isn’t a scam? And he says “its not a SCAM” with bold letters.

So…can anybody inform me on this? I declined him and what he asked, I need advice so as to avoid future pitfalls?


Right there is a violation of TOS, which can get your account banned. Avoid. Good catch.

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Report him to Fiverr.

It’s a scam. He wants you to set up a US-based user account so he can pose as a legitatmate US-based user. So, it’s basically fraud.

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