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Is this a scam?


A woman on Fiverr is offering me a free book cover. She says once I purchase it she will refund me five dollars. What do you guys think, do you think it is a scam. She said all I have to do is promote her if I like it.


This is 100% a scam. Think about it… I would not be surprised either if the cover actually turned out to be a book on amazon and not a cover. Why would anyone want you to buy a cover then refund you.


Reply to @markp: she said she wanted me to write her a good review, because I am a writer.


Reply to @judgevaus: OMG! She offered me the same thing. I told her I didn’t need an ebook cover. She originally had a 2 for 1 banner deal that she posted here in the forum. I responded to her post, and she sent me that PM. I thought it was weird.


so is this a book review then? sounds very strange to me.


Reply to @musiclover: was her name [fragglesrock]

Sheriff’s note: no names on the forum please!

Also - I would tread very carefully - if it smells fishy it’s probably a fish …




Reply to @bachas85: How would she keep the positive review if the order gets cancelled?


Reply to @bachas85: Oh okay. Gotcha! :wink:


I wouldn’t risk it if i were you! x