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Is this a some kind of joke?. I really need advice asap

I just searched on google by typing my username ( Langahsahiib ). And What I found was shocking. Someone else was using my entire gig on another freelance website. same as the content the same as the image. It is soo terrible. Please give me a suggestion about what I should do?
My Fiverr gig URL ( )
The other person profile on another freelancing website ( )


A lot of people copy gigs both here and on other websites. A dude actually copied my gig’s image and content, just changed my face with his. So… all you can do is to report him if he is on fiverr. If it’s anywhere else…You can’t do much


He is on another website. It seems like that website is just newly created and they are doing some kind of experiments to get sales etc…
He is using my username and all my gig information and this is my main concern

There was a website that had completely cloned Fiverr with all profiles a while ago; unfortunately, this kind of “business conduct” seems to be quite common, so much so that it might be another full-time job to monitor and try to do something about it.

You can try to write to the site, that might help if not the site itself is the fraud, although it might be difficult to prove, unless you’re using your full real name, I guess; and if the site itself seems fraudulent, you could report it to Fiverr, perhaps their lawyers are interested, depending on which country the site is in, etc., probably.

Fiverr can only take direct action against sellers who copy and use your profile on Fiverr itself.


Hmmm… So fiverr is not going to take any action against them?

freelanceoutlet is imposter. In past, we have seen many websites trying to copy Fiverr. Looks like it’s just another one. they possibly took your gig/profile for their dummy content. Not to worry, Just ignore.


It’s only that 1 gig of yours and the only bit of your profile taken seems to be the username. The seller’s location is different on their site. You could still report it to CS/Fiverr though if you wanted. They might do something about it. Also it seems like their site doesn’t support gig packages so your gig’s package details haven’t been copied.

Fake gigs or just a middle man trying to get some gigs

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Ok it is better to just ignore it?

hi Langahsahib,
I am really sorry for the inconvenience you faced on another platform. There must be some secured way so that no one can steal others’ content and images.
If the person was on Fiverr, admin could surely help you. But don’t worry. Let the admin of that particular website know the reality. If the website is genuine and responsible, it will definitely do something worthwhile, if not, the website itself is fake.
And don’t waste your precious time for something fake. Keep doing your best and you will be successful.
All the best.

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. A simple google search and I found my first j6nyc6 “Rap Nerd” clone.


I think contacting customer support of that site might help.

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When I searching keywords " Dance " , and I found my gig there too, and they use same username as mine …

They do a lot of copies from fiverr gig, did that website is from fiverr ???

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I think you should let the Fiverr admin know, may be something can be done.

No that website is not from fiverr. It seems like they are trying to get business with our identity


Maybe they are acting like a middleman like was suggested and they’re setting their prices high enough compared to the actual gigs so they make a profit if they have to order the gig on Fiverr. For some they might not actually order the work on Fiverr and might just do it themselves. Some of the gigs on their site might just be so it looks like their site has quite a few sellers/gigs already to encourage other people to join their site, if it’s not just test data.

I found a copy of one of my gigs on there as well.

They are charging the exact same price as what my basic package costs, so I doubt this is a “middle-man” thing.

Most of the gigs on there look like they were automatically scraped/copied.

They don’t have demo videos, our copy cats don’t use image profiles and all gig descriptions mention packages but they don’t appear to have a 3-tier system in place.


So there is nothing that we can do?. Fiverr customer support will have any interest in this matter if we report this matter to them

Fiverr CS won’t be able to do anything about this.

Please think twice before opening a ticket to an already overloaded support system.

Other sellers may need more urgent help than this.

Why are you so upset over this?

All you have to do is contact that platform and ask them to take down the fake listing.

That’s it.

You are not losing money, not being defamed, that platform is fake and to be honest they got a spike in traffic because of every seller on the forum clicking on your link and looking for their gigs.