Is this a spam message?


I just got a message that reads:

“hit me up at {an email address} am [name] A lady from USA i have business to discuss with you am not always online here i wait for your email to my email box”

when I opened the message fiverr seems to have already marked it as spam. And this seems like a really obvious spam message but I’m not 100% sure, because I don’t want to miss a sale if I can get one haha.

This is spam ? what should I do?

Sounds like spam to me. Not allowed to respond via email or communicate outside of Fiverr either. I am thinking it is spam. Respond and maybe ask her what service she was intrested in from you?

Hope this helps!


1- I think it’s a spam message that you need to avoid.
2- contacting people outside fiverr is not allowed by Fiverr TOS. So even if this is not a spam, you are not allowed to contact this person.


If you want the possible buisness and they turn out to not be a scammer/spam: explain you will be online to answer any of their questions.


okay thanks so much! I’ll do that


Your welcome! Glad I could help :slight_smile:


hey!!! Same thing happened to me!!! I just woke up with buzz of my phone having a message from this same lady. I thought she must not be knowing that it is against Fiverr rules and politely informed her and is waiting to get a reply logged into forum and saw your post.:scream:


@meivix It is definately a spam as we both received same message.


This is nothing but a spam! So, please report it to CS.


yeah!! it sounds like it!!!


@meivix I reported her to cs just now.


I just got the same message as well. Spam for sure.


@zoedesigns one more seller got the same message by same person (i doubt if she is a lady at all) he posted about it just few mins ago. @surajit_singha


Yup. I just blocked them, reported them and moved on :smiley:


I also got her message just now. Is she a spammer


@meivix @zoedesigns @surajit_singha Just now I got same message again!!! From another account as i have blocked her with same email id to contact… what the hell is happening ???


Yes she is. Just block and report her


@sugamlife I just did as well! I just got the first one and blocked, reported and ingored her and got another from another account just now. This is getting crazy.


Can she hack our account? Why she made another account and sent that same creepy message again even if we blocked her. This is very creepy @zoedesigns she messaged again that means she is targetting us ???


Yes. It is spam unfortunately.