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Is This A Spam? Someone just send me a message and wish me everything is well

Some seller just send me a message said:

"Hi, hope all is well

you are just great

keep up the good work



Should I be worried?

Thank you!

I agree with the others that you shouldn’t worry about it. Maybe it’s a seller who wants a low-key way to reach out to others on Fiverr, perhaps hoping you’ll check out his or her gigs after receiving a nice message. Or maybe they just genuinely want to give you a compliment. Either way, it doesn’t look like anything bad could come of it.

do not worry about it. may be he/she saw your posting or comment on fiverr forum here and he/she sent a message to you.

NO need of worrying about it :slight_smile:

That’s super weird. I can’t see how there’s any risk to you (it’s not like there’s an attachment or link to click), so nothing to worry about…just odd.

Reply to @evpassino: ya … hope it was not his announcement before he hacks something lol

Reply to @mhwoolz: I think so too. It’s still weird though :slight_smile:

Reply to @giangpiepie: I agree. Weird and a little bizarre. Probably harmless though. Also, hi Giang! :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s weird. It would be weird to think it is weird. I don’t know why, but as of lately, you people think everything strangers tell you that’s not business is weird.

He just showed appreciation for your work and might as well order something from you later, as his last sentence implied.

Reply to @tkeen9: well Fiverr is a place for business. So probably anything other than business is weird. If he wants to order something he would say right away. But you can be right. It’s just better safe than sorry. I want to know if anyone else have experienced this and be prepared.

Reply to @giangpiepie: Can’t understand why you think social talk (appreciation in this case) is weird, but ok, maybe you have different views than mine.

You made the right thing checking out the forum, and the verdict in this case is that the guy is totally harmless. Anyone getting messages like this can feel safe and enjoy the karma :slight_smile:

What I think is weird is other sellers sending me messages asking me to give them work.

Don’t worry about I also message a sellers when I like they works I do that to motivate them and also to thank about they work which is making fiverr better place.