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Is this a Spam?

Hi friends,

I received a message from someone named fragglesrock, I opened his/her message 1st time and saw some offers and links and I replied that I was not interested, but the message did not go through, I had a feeling that it was a Scam/Spam. So, I tried to open it again so I can report it, but I kept getting this message: For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.

I tried to open his/her profile, but the error says: The user account you are looking for is no longer available.

I sent a message to customer support about this, and attached a screen shot as of his/her message.

I am a newbie, and I do not understand everything yet. So, was this a Spam?

Thanks in advance!

yes it was spam… your message did not go through because fiverr blocked the persons account. dont worry about it.

That user’s account has been restricted from Fiverr because probably he broke the rules.

Just a note: I had to remove your image and the name of that user, because as clearly stated in Forum Do’s and Dont’s calling out other users is not fair or allowed.

Thank you safwan and mark74, now I understand!! :slight_smile: