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Is this a thing now?

I woke up this morning with a dispute on a newly made order. I was expecting for someone to want to cancel because they ordered by mistake, but instead I get this:

My question is: clients can now open a dispute just to get updates? Why not message me directly instead of making me have a heart attack.

It looks like client is breaking TOS as he/she want that you contact them outside of Fiverr…


Do not ever and ever share personal information with any nor deal out of fiverr because you will break the TOS role and you will get band,

well, there are many buyers who do this kind of stupid stuff. What ever you do don’t contact him outside of fiverr as it is against fiverr TOS. Also Tell him about this. Hope he will understand.

you need to talk to the buyer

I am well aware of this. I have notified him that it’s against Fiverr’s TOS.
The thing that is new to me is the fact that buyers can open a dispute to simply ask for an update on a order he just made.

The buyer was new so he didn’t know that he was not allowed to share his email. After I explained he was understanding. :slight_smile:


I’d still be careful. This looks like a clever scam to me. The way the message is laid out and worded, it looks like Fiverr is asking you to send your buyers work to their email. My hunch is that your buyer knows this and was trying to either get work FOC, have you break TOS, or phish for your own email address.

Be careful :slight_smile:

After I mentioned about the TOS and told him that the order will be delivered thru the order page he didn’t insist at all. We just discussed about the design. I honestly thought that he made a mistake and didn’t know about the rules. He has made his account this month.

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From what I have read so far on this forum, I think you should contact Fiverr support for help.

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