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Is this against fiverr regulation?

I have had quite a few of these orders and unfortuantely I have to cancel orders. My one buyer right now wants me to say " I will provide… … exclusively on fiverr" . But I will not say “I” as I do not want to be liable for anything especially when Im personally lying. I know testimonials on here are usually not too far from that either but I dont ever want to personally say I will provide anything. Besides that, I assume that we are not allowed to do that.

So my question is, can I say “we” or “us”, I still am not comfortable with that… but might have to if I can avoid cancellation.

I can see how that would be murky. I think if you are just doing your voice over gig, then you are probably fine since you are being the “voice” of the buyer in that scenario. You, as a person, are just speaking for the buyer. So you probably won’t have too much trouble there.

But when it comes to your videos, you are being more than a voice and in that scenario you are being a spokesperson for the buyer. In that scenario I would ask the buyer if you could say, “‘Buyer’s Name’ will do ‘blankety blank’ exclusively on Fiverr.” which separates you out a bit. Otherwise I would be sure to put that in your gig description that you will not make I, us, or we statements, guarantees, or promises.

As for Fiverr regulations, I don’t think it violates anything directly in the TOS. I’m sure a sheriff will know better in that regard.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, thats exactly what I was thinking. Will do that :slight_smile: