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Is this against ToS?


I saw this post again today the buyer is looking to hire a graphics designer. There was another same post a few days ago and I applied to that request. As you can see he has attached one example link and he wants the output like it. I went through that short URL and saw his gig about WordPress plugin selling. Why did he attach this gig link that is not relevant to the request? Or is he trying to have impression, view or click on his new gig? If yes, is it compliant with ToS to let sellers spend their time to improve another seller’s gig impression without any return?


It’s just spam - a way to get around the spam filter.
Needless to say it is pointless responding to them unless you are particularly outraged. If you are then you could send a high price offer and then check the seller’s name in your “sent offers” list. With that, you could report them to CS for spamming in BR’s.


So far, I have seen quite a lot of sellers posting buyer requests: advertising their gigs. In my opinion, it would be great if there is a report button right there- by the buyer requests. However, I am not sure if that might lead to other unintended consequences. :thinking: :open_mouth:


This has been suggested many times! There is even a poll you can register your opinion on the subject.


Thanks! I just cast my vote. :smile: :+1:


It would be easy too


We should. If I see again any request like this I will. New sellers have to send so many proposals to BR. Additionally, if they have to spend time to improve another experienced sellers gig, it’s pathetic.


My honest suggestion to you is not to worry about others doing wrong, focus on doing it right, and let them be cough, because it’s not your job to police them, and in my opinion it’s a waist of your time and energy.