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Is this allowed? And if so, what is your opinion on it?


So basically every now and then I get orders from fellow fiverr sellers that seem like jobs they were offered, and either for lack of time or looking to gain more profit outsource it to other fiverr sellers. I never really asked a certain buyer if the gig they ordered from me is something they were offered by another buyer, I just see it as kinda rude or blatant. But I am wondering is it okay for them to do so?

If it is, what is your opinion when a buyer orders a $x gig from you when they were offered $y for it?


I can’t see it’s a problem - they’re paying the fee you’re asking for.

Outsourcing on Fiverr is very common, and many people are able to make a good living from it.


So what is affecting your consciousness?
The fact that you were not the first choice for a buyer or that you are probably profiting less from this?

Imagine this, you are selling stuff on your shop for $10, and your competition is selling for $100, but you are not aware of this.
You get a sale for $10, should you not be happy that you made a sale? If the other person is reselling your item at a 100% mark up, that is his success and his ability to do so. Were you in the same situation, you would have done the same.

And as @offlinehelpers said above, there is no rule against it. Just do not do review exchange and you shall be fine.


There’s no rule against it, and as long as they’re paying my prices and respecting my terms, it’s fine.


I only see a problem for them, if their buyer expressly asked them, or they told them or made them think that they´d do the job personally, and they said yes.

My own gigs say I don´t oursource and I don´t. But I see a lot of gigs that clearly, to anyone who can think, indicate that the sellers either don´t do the actual job themselves or only some of it, if a buyer buys from someone like that, they won´t mind who does the job, just that it gets done.
A buyer who minds, or for whose jobs it would matter, should be a bit more careful picking a seller, due diligence and all that.


I don’t have a problem with people outsourcing work if they’re honest, polite and pay my prices.

What I usually find is they won’t pay my prices (as buyers keep telling me as they place their order, I’m not the cheapest provider out there :rolling_eyes:), and they try to get a lot of work for the cheapest price so that they make a profit. And unfortunately over half the sellers I’ve been contacted by have been abrupt and rude especially when I won’t reduce my prices for them.

On the other side, I don’t outsource work to others either, though as I have to turn buyers away this would be handy. But so many buyers come to me saying they don’t mind paying a little extra because they know they can trust me it would be hard for me to hand their trust over to another.

Having said all that, there’s nothing wrong with the actual practice of outsourcing. Businesses have been doing it for decades/centuries. It’s entirely up to you if you want to be part of it.


@ OP, What made you think they were outsourced jobs? In any case, if your gig prices are ridiculously low, then you may have those kind of jobs. You really need not bother on those issues; the actual gig buyer on this platform(in such instance) might equally be outsourcing a job from somewhere else, and this is common place. Lemme add; incase you have too many jobs outsourced to you, please outsource some of them this way :sunglasses: