Is this allowed? Asked to post review to have seller continue with order!


This is the 3rd time using Fiverr for services and was asked by the seller to post a 5 start review to continue with edits to my order. Is this standard procedure?


No absolutely not…you can request modification before even placing your feedback.

This is your right I mean you are paying for it :wink:


P.S. Feedback is usually given when you or Fiverr mark the project as complete!


That’s terrible seller behavior! I would personally respond by saying your rating will depend on the final product, and remind the seller that, although you understand ratings are important, you refuse to put the quality of the product you asked for on the line. Good luck to you!


That’s stupid of them. It also makes it sound like they don’t trust their work much.

I don’t get what it achieves really. It’s not like you can’t go back and edit your review. Hmm.


Goodness…surely the seller knows after you rate them, you can change your rating after he does the edits.


Reply to @sara1984: Hmm, to be honest, I did not think I could go back and change the review. Thanks.


Reply to @steveeyes: Thanks for mentioning this. It is 9:30pm my time and still no product. I will take action tomorrow. Thank you.


Reply to @sara1984: Thank you Sara, I actually felt like my work was being held hostage! I will work on this tomorrow.


Reply to @annai80: Thanks Anna, I have learned my lesson and will not give a review until work is done. Thank you!


Reply to @amandygran: Thank!



We are really sorry to hear that, there are some weirdo sellers who does that (basically they are not confident enough i guess). You will only post review after your order is completed. Review depends on the outcome of the project.


Shame on this seller! I would chastise them and then run with my money if they keep it up.


I am a seller and I would never do that.

And to be honest if I am a buyer, I wouldn’t give him 5 star after that, at least not for communication with a seller stars.

If you paid for this job to be completed then it needs to be completed 100% before you can say it is ok. Not like on half of job mark order as complete, just so he or she can continue.


Ahahs what a chancer

arty182925 said: And to be honest if I am a buyer, I wouldn't give him 5 star after that, at least not for communication with a seller stars.

I agree with this completely! Holding work that was paid for hostage to get a good rating is wrong. That seller does not deserve a high rating no matter how the work turns out.


I did not think of this. Given the lack of seller protection, I think it is a suitable stop-gap measure. We are not dealing in an ideal buyer-seller environment here. If you buyers want enlightenment, go read the rants from sellers. Better yet, become a seller yourself and experience first hand how difficult it is when buyers pull tricks with you. So, @itsyourthing, you can hang out in here and act like a perfect saint, but you’re really not helping anything. What Fiverr needs is real protection methods that cut both ways. In the meantime, a seller is more than justified to ensure that the order is going well, whether it be partial delivery, or a watermarked graphic, or whatever. The seller’s intentions are good. The buyer’s intentions… well, we have to eliminate the guess work there. This is not McDonald’s. It’s more like the Wild West at this point.


The buyer is right in this case, but I’m sure the seller did that just to make sure that the order get’s rated as through time sellers run into buyers that won’t even bother to mark the task as complete, but it is a good tactic to remind or inform a buyer on how that works and why they should rate. That worked for me so far. The order that was not rated won’t show as a review but it will complete by automation. How is that an issue ? well it won’t display in your “total reviews” - for example I have 2100 completed orders but only 1800 reviewed, in time more will gather, and if I didn’t explain why one should rate after completion I bet there would have been much more than 300 unreviewed orders… I hope this makes sense. Don’t force it on your buyers, just explain why they should do it :slight_smile:


Reply to @webtelly: Holding work hostage in return for a guaranteed positive review is against the rules, as stated in the terms of service. Now, we don’t know if these “edits” the OP is talking about are part of what’s offered in the gig, but even if the buyer was asking for additional edits that were not part of the original terms of the gig, the seller shouldn’t try to leverage a five-star review in return for more work, the same way buyers shouldn’t leverage low-star reviews for more work (and if this happens and you can prove it, CS is much more inclined to just remove that review). There are much more professional ways to deal with a situation where a buyer is just trying to pry more work out of an order that is far beyond complete in the seller’s eyes.

The point is that demanding a five-star review before fulfilling the terms of the gig is against the rules and could lead to suspension of the seller’s account. Breaking the rules isn’t the way to give yourself more protection. It just makes your account look bad if you ever actually do need CS’s help and gives you very little ammo to defend yourself and your account if a buyer reports you for behavior that is against the TOS.


Reply to @emasonwrites: The wording from the buyer’s side could be much different from what the seller actually wrote.

I once told a buyer (actually all my buyers get this similar message but only one had problem so far) "Please let me know if you would like any modification. If you find everything okay I’d really appreciate a 5 stars rating as it’ll help my business on Fiverr."

And she went completely insane and left a bad review, something like “Seller didn’t follow instruction and asked me to give best rating for his own business” (she changed it so I don’t remember exactly, but the wording was a bit harsher)

A little about “didn’t follow instruction”: I told her from the begining that what she was asking for required buying the extra, so she agreed that just the basic $5 would be fine. Even if I did make mistake, there’s no reason to act like that without asking for a modification first. I did ask if she need any modification after all. So I confronted her and she changed the review.

Anyway this is an example on how people could read/hear and re-tell thing so different from the origin. If she didn’t write a review but went here and ranted, I’d be the one who took all the blame.

Just because the buyer said the sellers asked for a 5 stars before making the edit, doesn’t mean the seller did exactly that.