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Is this allowed on fiverr?

Hello everyone.

A buyer contacted me this morning, asking me to sign a NDA before we proceed.

And according to him, I need to send my email to him.

I declined because I believe this is against fiverr TOS.

Has anyone had an encounter with such kind of buyer?

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Anything that requires email outside Fiverr is against the rules - please don’t! just stick to the messaging system within Fiverr and you’ll be fine.

Good luck!


I didn’t but it is against fiverr TOS so I wouldn’t do that.And for your own safety

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Thank you.

I politely turned his request down.

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Glad to hear it - possibly saved yourself a lot of grief!

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@proanimation1 Well it’s okay to share your Email if this is related to your Order. Here is official Statement from Fiverr:

Providing email, Skype, or phone number is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service. Otherwise, all communication must go through Fiverr.

Otherwise, it’s against TOS!


That’s the important part - which is not why the OP was being asked for his email address. If you’re planning on using anything out of Fiverr to provide your service, it is suggested to contact CS first to make sure it’s alright with them.

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In order to sign a NDA, you would need to provide the buyer with personal contact information. There are some Fiverr sellers who sign NDAs, but they have all obtained the permission from the Customer Support to do it. It’s up to you whether you want to go through the hassle of doing it (and not getting kicked out of Fiverr).


I can’t take that risk


Most people who think their idea is SO important to require an NDA are just mistaken.

Further, the presumption should ALWAYS been one of professional interaction. Which means, we don’t go sharing our “client’s” ideas with others…

ON fiverr in particular, as others have said, this would be a problem as it would jeopardize your account standing.


In some categories it’s not unusual to be asked to sign an NDA. I’ve done it several times now.

In every case though you need to have an order in place before you sign the NDA and send personal details. In one case I had the buyer wouldn’t send me the information I needed to quote for the order without an NDA so I set up a custom offer for him so we could sign the NDA and exchange information to work out the requirements for his main order. If in doubt, send a message to CS. They’ll almost certainly just quote the ToS back at you but I always like to cover myself by contacting them if I’m not sure.


So I provide my own little agreement stating they have the rights (I don’t charge people for them) It doesn’t give anything but my username. No personal information, is that ok? I suddenly became nervous that I was doing something wrong. I haven’t contacted support yet, do I need their approval for that?

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I’ve checked out your main gig, it’s already stated in the packages that the buyers get commercial use, so I think that an additional agreement isn’t necessary.

Mentioning only your username in the agreement should be fine, but whenever in doubt, ask support and save screenshots of their answer. I’m just a seller, not Fiver staff, so me saying “I think it’s fine” is unlikely to help you if you get in trouble.


Ok thankyou! Yes literally it’s just a few sentences so I have always assumed it was fine. But I’ll still check with them I guess. Better safe than sorry! Thankyou very much! :slight_smile:

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Haven’t see anywhere but this forum that really helps someone figure out if NDA’s are okay on fiverr.
Needed this myself and wanted to boost this if someone else finds they need it.