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Is this allowed

I have received an order which the buyer has sent me an amazon gift card code for the purchase for a verified review but there is no order on my dashboard from him so obviously he has not paid fiverr for it and ordered through correct channel Is this ok as I will only recieve the balance of the giftcard instead of the $4 from fiverr and can I do order complete and deliver the work if he has not ordered through fiverr ?

I think he would have to pay you the amount through fiverr, and then you can go and buy the amazon product. So he would pay you for your normal gig plus the cost of buying his product…but I would double check with TOS and maybe CS.

This is directly from Fiverr TOS:

"You may not offer sellers to pay, or make payment using any method other than through the site"

If you go through with this order you risk loosing your account and any levels you have gained. You can read the Terms of Service for further information.

@deesam56 You won’t be able to deliver an order to this person if they haven’t actually placed an order on Fiverr. And if you decide to give it a try, accept the gift card and not work through Fiverr, then if everything ends up being a scam and you end up losing out, Fiverr isn’t going to help you.

Do a forum search and you will find sob stories from people who connected with someone through Fiverr, but moved the sale and/or payment off-Fiverr, and - surprise, surprise - one of them ends up being a scammer. And it’s just as often a buyer as a seller who gets ripped off.

Tell the buyer for your protection and his/hers, place an order on Fiverr covering the amount you 2 work out as the value of this gig, and move along.