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Is this an ominous message? We recommend you deliver early, so there’s enough time for revisions

So I noticed this message in the new box.

“We recommend you deliver early, so there’s enough time for revisions.”

I’m wondering if this is some sort of ominous message where we the sellers will be held accountable for in another future “metric” or they will just add it to ontime delivery.

Kind of scary. Say your delivery is 7 days - you deliver on the 4th day.----3 days early. Then you get the customer who then asks for a revision on the 3rd day right before it was going to clear…now you are late…now it counts against you.

I know this is not happening now but it sounded like an ominous message from Fiverr.


Requests for revision don’t impact on delivery time. Only your initial delivery is counted for on time metrics. So I expect this message is just to create a better customer experience.

After all, this is on the top of every order…


Which isn’t really needed when I have plenty of time…



It’s a generic message. It does not affect any stats at all.

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OP understands that revisions don’t currently affect on time delivery metrics so long as the original order was delivered on time. OP is just wondering if this latest message is a sign that this is going to be changing in the future.

I have wondered the same thing. If sellers are abusing the revisions process to skirt delivering on time, I could see Fiverr changing the way revisions work and forcing sellers to “bake revision time” into the delivery times. I hope that does not happen, but it is definitely possible. I read the “We recommend you deliver early…” message as an ominous sign for sellers.


For now it doesn’t but that is the problem given the history of Fiverr and change implementation. That generic message will soon become the rule and despite it not being your fault it will start to hurt your stats. So imagine your delivery time is 7 days. You deliver on the 4th day…3 days go by…then customer asks for a revision. Now you are late. While it doesn’t count against you now…given the message…it does seem quite scary cause at any moment they can start counting it and they won’t care it ain’t your fault like they don’t care that 90% of cancellations are not the sellers fault and yet it counts against you.

So just a little nervous.


It won’t make sense given the current revision system that allows for unlimited revisions. If revisions are limited I can see something like that working.

Or, you know, take the time to do it right first time perhaps?


I wondered that as well, and this message is a new one - at least, I haven’t seen it until recently - so I assume it’s a way to pre-prepare us for a new metric they will introduce… otherwise saying “so there is enough time for revisions” makes no sense. With our current metric, we have unlimited revisions.

“So there is enough time” implies a given time frame or you will run out of time (obviously not in effect yet)…

Wait… revisions don’t count toward making an order late? Really?

No, no, no, no no, and no. If you want to expedite delivery let me know and I’ll send the extra.


Correct, deliver the first on time and you can take a month to deliver revisions.

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Wow I did not think it still worked that way. I’ve been extending delivery time when my customers ask for big revisions. What a relief.

I only have 2 days delivery on my orders and most I try to deliver within a day anyway, but revisions can mean my orders then show as late which is frustrating - especially now its a big red late countdown on an order in revision (on the new dashboard).

This week I delivered a gig, the buyer asked for a revision due to a pronunciation error - they’ve still not given me the audio of the correct pronunciation as I’ve twice requested them to do, so the order is sitting there at the top of the dashboard saying 2 days late in red.

If the time doesn’t count against the metrics after initial delivery - so its not actually late, then why display it as late? Especially when its no fault of the seller.


Innocent question. :grimacing::grimacing:
(And yes, I tried to search for the answer in the forum before asking here but didn’t find it… )

I assume a revision is different from a modification?
Because if the gig doesn’t have revisions included, the client can still request a modification which does affect delivery time

(Correct me if I’m wrong – it’s been a really long time since I experienced a revision or a modification request so I’m not aware with the terms or what’s what… Heck, I might be even wrong with my assumptions.)

Thank you ahead for your kind replies. :grin::grin:

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As far as I know, it is the same thing.

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Ummm …? Do you deal with many customers? I’ve had customers mark revision cause they wanted to add an extra or a change that they came up with…like can I add a background? But instead of putting in a new order for a background they hit revise. There are many cases that are not the fault of the seller that cause the customer to do a revision.

The new metrics are not helping Fiverr, the buyer, or the seller.
As a buyer you have folks that are on Fiverr 5 years, were a top rated seller and now ranked with Level 1s. How does that help a customer differentiate those groups if they want the top level guys?

Less topsellers and it looks like Fiverr doesn’t have as much talent as buyers would want, which means less sales for them.

And lets not get into the sellers.

And they main reason someone is reduced is basically the one reason they cannot control…cancellations.

We don’t need another metric outside of our control.

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I do kind of agree about cancellations. I wouldn’t mind being demoted for lateness, poor communication, or bad reviews, but the mutual cancellation one is a real drag. The vast vast majority of my cancellations have been because of a customer not understanding the ordering system. By far. In a thousand orders I’ve had maybe two or three cancellations that were customers disatisfied with me in some way.

I don’t hate Fiverr for it, but it is super annoying.

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Are we sure, though? Lately I have moved very fast with the delivery of orders and some obviously hit the redeliver button, I make changes and then they finally mark it as completed. That’s good until now.

But then I have this one client who hits the redeliver button every 3 days because he want little changes here and there. Because, you know, a very small line will make the design 100 times better. And every time he hits the redeliver button, my gig sinks lower and lower in the category even though I have delivered so so early every other order.

Unless they have changed something, I have never seen it matter after the first on time delivery. Of course, with fiverr things change frequently and often with no notice.

I might be wrong, of course. But my gig jumps so much all over the place, I’m getting dizzy.