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Is this an opinion?

Buyer rated my service with 2 stars and wrote only …

We had a conversation after that and buyer said : " I’m cool with the chalkboard " and “the video is fine I will be sure to use your services again next time”

I contacted the Help & Education Center but they said : This is a buyer’s opinion about the service he received and his overall experience in this order. Unfortunately, but removing this feedback in not in line with our Feedback Removal Policy.

If you disagree with this buyer’s feedback, you can contact him and kindly ask him to provide you with more info about it and explain to you what led him to make such a decision. Also, you can post additional feedback explaining your side of the story.

I am here for about 8 years but this is going to be very stressful.
Fiverr Support seems like a robot :cry::cry:


probably the buyer wrote the first alphabet of his/her name. i am really sorry to hear your bad experience. some people forget that people doing business here.

This is true but I am very very disappointed with fiverr support.

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Fiverr got new feedback policy you know. probably they are going rigidly accordance with new policy. they won’t be able to open resolution anymore. leave it. Go forward :slight_smile: it’s a part of business.

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Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Is that what customer support told you? I wonder why, since from what I have been reading people get warnings for doing this. Or was that an article for informational purposes? If so, that is not correct. We cannot ask why we got the review we got.

At any rate, be happy he didn’t say negative things about you and try to forget about it since there is nothing you can do about it.


He said that my work is cool a fine in our conversation.
I am not happy because I want to maintain my Level and that is not correct.

“Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer. Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations to our Terms of Service.”

The above is from the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Sometimes a buyer does not want to directly tell you they didn’t like your work. I had an order I had placed a while back that I didn’t like but realized that there was no point in mentioning it to the seller. I didn’t leave a review however.

I had a similar experience. I got a one-star review that just said, “Well, I’m buying and she’s selling.” When I messaged them to ask the reason for their review, they told me that other sellers did more work for less money. I thought this was unreasonable because my gigs very clearly state what is included in the price. If he wanted more writing for less, he should have ordered it from someone who offered that.

Unfortunately, since asking buyers to change their reviews is now problematic, I just had to leave it as it was. I did respond to the review explaining what had happened, and recommending that future buyers pay attention to what they’re ordering.

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Next time, do not ask buyers about the feedback they left, no matter what. You might end up getting a warning.
Just move on, ignore it. You cannot please every buyer.

There is nothing you can do. just explain your own side of the story

Yes, unfortunately you are right. This was back when sellers were allowed to ask buyers to change their feedback. It was safer to ask questions related to reviews then. I know that today, even mentioning reviews in any way can cause trouble, so it’s probably better not to risk it.