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Is this any bug or only I'm seeing this!

Hello everyone,
I hope the new year brings happiness to everyone’s life.
I don’t know if anyone searches his/her gig’s which page it will appear in the category.
My category is Programming and Tech=>Wordpress, There are over 53K gigs. And almost over 190 pages.
My point is before the update I was able to see all the pages by number but now after page number 78 or 79 the next page or page number is not working. If I click the next page or page number it reloads the same page again. I thought my browser might have some problem, I’m using Chrome and Windows Pc, So I uninstalled it and tried, This is my 5th-day attempt and I got the same result, Is this any bug or only I’m seeing this.

I need expert advice, please.
Thanks in advance

I don’t think many people go up to page 78 when they are looking at gigs so probably no one has the answer.