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Is This became illegal?


Requsting buyer to post +5 review is this against Fiverr Rules,
just curious to know if it is illegal to do this.

Is this Valid according to Terms or Not?

Yes. Asking for reviews or being paid for reviews is against the Fiverr ToS.


i mean if you finished doing job with your client ,
is it illegal to request from him to post +5 review


Yes. It is against Fiverr ToS to ask for a positive review. However, asking for a customer to review your order is ok. It’s the “positive” rating part that can hurt you.


Yes it is considered illegal.


Yes, this is against the terms of fiverr.

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Yes, maybe! but if buyer happy with your work so they will be automatically interested to leave you. You don’t need to ask, just focus a great work.



ya, It’s illegal not unlegal.

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Fiverr takes care for sellers regarding ratings, so you do not need to worry about reviews, because if the buyer gets work beyond his expectations, he himself tries to find a way to review your work!

But Fiverr give full opportunities to buyers and ask ratings after successful completion, this is why you do not need to care about this.

But if you think that it is a part of your service to show your pleasure, then this is ok if you ask for a review, but remember, don’t ask for a good review like 5 stars as many sellers are saying!!:joy::joy::wink::+1:

Otherwise, this can create a little bit negative image of you even you the satisfied buyer.

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you are right, thanks.


You can get banned if you do it.


good advice thanks alot.