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Is this behaviour typical?

So as a new buyer to Fiverr I’d really like to know if the following is typical…


A seller advertises gigs as Basic $10, Standard $15, and Premium $20

They show lots and lots of samples of their work.

Upon discussing a gig the supplier asks for the required data to be sent by email.

Naively the new buyer follows the instruction.

After further discussion the buyer asks the seller to quote for doing a job the simple way (like his simplest samples), and a more involved bespoke way which one would expect to cost a bit more, maybe even more than the premium gig cost, maybe even double the premium gig cost - the buyer is a realist after all.

The seller then comes back with the 2 quotes.

The simple way quote is $250. That’s 1130% higher than the advertised $ 20 premium gig - and this is for the simple quote which should be just like the simplest of the sellers shown previous work!

The more involved quote comes back as $600. That 2900% more than the advertised premium gig price! But this isn’t really much more than the sample jobs shown.

On top of this the buyer demands 50% up front by Pay Pal, and 50% on completion by Pay Pal, plus a $5 gig on Fiverr.

I really need to know if this is normal as I don’t see the point in talking to sellers or looking for products or services if this is the case.

Someone please please advise.


This part is against the terms of service and would lead to a ban of this seller’s account.

The prices quoted are not against the terms of service but would be strange since they are not in line with the advertised prices.

Asking for anything to be sent by email is also against the terms of service and would lead to a ban of the seller’s account.

So all of this is highly irregular and this seller should be reported to customer service and screenshots of these conversations sent to them so that fiverr can take the appropriate action.


Everything you’ve just said is against Fiverr TOS. Is this a new seller? Try more seasoned sellers that are at least level 1 or level 2. Look at the reviews they have and carefully read their description and FAQ. And yes, I agree with @misscrystal report this seller.

That’s what I thought. And strange indeed. I have quickly got used to the fact that sellers will advertise a kind of basement budget loss leader service to get a low price on the board, and that as a buyer one might need more sophisticated services, and so pay more than the advertised price. But when the requirements are exactly in line with all of the work samples shown one would expect the lowest quote to be in line with the advertised prices, surely? Or at least not vastly more than the highest advertised price. To quote more than 1000% more than the premium rate being advertised for a gig that’s basically the same as all the previous gig samples being shown smacks of false advertising to me. So I really want to understand how typical this is, as it took a lot of time and some work on my part to supply the brief, and I don’t want to repeatedly waste that kind of time on suppliers who aren’t going to be even close to their advertised prices.

Thanks. Lots of previous examples of work. Over 70 reviews, and 5 stars. I can’t see any mention of level so not sure on that.

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The PP part is a dead giveaway. Walk away!


I think this is highly irregular, all of it. It’s not typical, although many sellers do quote higher prices than those advertised, which is more typical, and buyers who use fiverr a lot are accustomed to this and accept it usually if it’s reasonable.


Thanks, and am definitely walking away. But my concern was just about how typical this is, as a new buyer on Fiverr if this is common then I’m wasting my time being here at all.

Thanks, and yes as I mentioned above, I do understand that sometimes the services quoted will be bargain basement and not contain the full sophistication required which will cost more. I got used to that pretty quickly. But when the service does appear to tick the boxes, but the quote comes back 12 to 30 times higher than the premium rate its quite a set back to a buyer’s confidence in the whole marketplace.

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That seller needs to be banned. He or she has no idea how to conduct themself on fiverr.


This is not normal at all. This seller needs putting in front of a firing squad. I’m very sorry that you are new here and that you have encountered such a person. At least now you know, though, that you can get a pretty quick answer here if you have any doubts about someone you plan on working with.


That is totally illegal. Personal information should never be shared except for the following situations.

A wordpress developer needs an e-mail to access a website.
A Linkedin profile writer needs the client’s LinkedIn link.
A Facebook ad manager needs to access the client’s Facebook ad editor (I don’t do that by the way, so don’t message me about this)
A seller teachers German on Skype

But if someone needs a logo, you don’t need to go on Skype to talk about it.


Thanks everyone. You have at least put my mind at rest a bit. I do understand that there are cultural differences between different countries, and that these can effect the way business is done, but I also think there needs to be some commonality and rules across a platform like Fiverr to give buyers the confidence to consider all sellers and buy with peace of mind. I don’t even know how to report someone yet, I haven’t got that far and have never found a link for directly contacting Fiverr, but I’ll look into that as the PayPal thing smells particularly fishy.

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To contact CS and report:


This happens ver VERY Rarely. If this happened all the time or even now and then Fiverr would be in the red zone.


If we ignore the process violations I think your overall process is like a custom order that is beyond the scope of his/her standard gig. If so there is a process of negotiating the price. However he/she offers very little beyond the advertised gig, you can shop around and compare custom offers before you decide.

What I usually see is the seller offers some tasks for a low price, say $10, then once you have discussed with him/her a little bit, the seller offers a larger more comprehensive a-la-carte tasks for, say, $60. You can still get only the $10 gig if you want, but the $60 makes sense in some cases. Of course everything should be done through Fiverr or you lose some protection.

Nice discussion,Thanks. :slight_smile:

I will advise making all communication on Fiverr, as CS always warn not to discuss with buy off the site.
And make all your delivery via Fiverr

Seller wants you to pay 50% via PayPal (outside 5r), buy $5 gig on 5r and then pay the last 50% via PayPal (again, outside 5r)?

A $600 gig means he would have to give $120 to 5r as a fee. By directing you to another site, he’s pocketing that money. The reason he wants you to buy $5 on 5r is because he wants you to give him a review & he only has to pay the bare minimum of $1 to 5r.


Hhahahah after reading 3 - 4 times i sorted out what it is all about very complex payment methodology with exceptional 5* review lolx

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