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Is this Bogus? I think so!


Here’s a new one… received a message like this:

"Aloha to you!

I am looking at your profile and I think that you can do this gig that I have for you today. Well, all you need to do is to write and post a positive review about a certain business on a travel website in the internet. You can make as many review as you want and I am offering $5 per review. I only need the review to be anywhere from 60 to 250 words long. The reviews should be posted from your laptop, desktop or any other device which you can use to go online and it can be written in any language that you are comfortable with. And I almost forgot that you should log in using your facebook account so that the review that you will be doing will not be wasted.

I would be very much pleased to be working with you soon so I m hoping that you d get back to me. Thanks!"

It’s screaming social engineering to me. Am I wrong?


I have received a couple like these and most of the time they are NOT a hack. Yes maybe against TOS, but using Facebook is just so the reviews look verified and not fake.

Down to you if you agree to do it really.


Reply to @bachas85: What do you mean it’s again TOS to post bogus reviews to 3rd party sites? There are tons of “I’ll write / post a positive review… testimonial… etc” on lots of things on here. I was literally blown away when I first came here and saw all that. Maybe it’s against the rules but doesn’t seem as anyone is monitoring it. ijs


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vedmak said: Its scam. Same message was sent to ton of people here.

Are you really sure it's a scam? I received such a message and I wrote a review and posted on Trip Advisor. I never lied since I had visited the hotel a while back and it wasn't bad; so i gave them a 3.0 rating (the buyer never came back!).
bachas85 said: One thing is selling a written/recorded review (one which the buyer can use as he pleases), and another thing is actually posting the review on the site. People who do that on Yelp for example, they their accounts permanently banned. I'm sure lots of people still sell them here on Fiverr, but if they get caught, their accounts get suspended.
Fully agree.


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Reply to @bachas85: Thanks for the discussion thread. I didn’t realize this.