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Is this bullying? Or what is it? Perhaps its not bullying since I am not a victim


I came home yesterday after a day in the sun. What waited for me on fiverr was a group of women who had in detail gone through every post I have ever posted on the forum, every detail that was written in my description, and every detail in all of my gigs.
In my gig where I am helping people with confidence issues; this is why I chose the tags “pretty girl” and “girl friend”. A lot of genuine people with genuine problems have come to me about their insecurity problems that have to do with conversing with pretty girls. I know those are terms those people search here, and I therefore put those words in that particular gig description.
I believe you should choose tags that people search who might be interested in buying your specific gig. Is that wrong?
When it says “girl friend” note that this is two words and not the same as “girlfriend”. Like I said these guys have a hard time talking to girls, which is again why I wrote that tag, to show that I am a girl who can help them with that specific issue.
I am genuinely here to help people. I have never said a bad word about anyone, if I can give some tips to anyone on their profile and gigs I gladly do that also, although I am very aware that I am new here so my advice regarding creating gigs etc is probably not that important :blush:

Again, all of my intensions were completely pure. I applaud you women for spending your entire day going through my previous posts, and all information on my profile and cutting and pasting things together to make it look something that it isn’t. I know all of you women had to have seen how those tags, photos etc were put in context to everything else, and you had to have clearly seen my intentions. In spite of this you used your entire day to copy and paste things in a certain way to make me look bad.
If anyone really wants to make up their own decision about me and my gigs, I have not removed any of the information these girls pointed out; it is still there in the same exact context on my profile as it was before.

Regarding this “cleavage picture”. That picture is also still on my profile in my gig in the exact same place as it was before. That picture is a close up of my smile, where I look happy. You also see my chin and neck. No boobs or cleavage are even visible AT ALL.

Regarding my gig where I offer to write a romantic/erotica story. I am a published writer. If you actually take the time to go to that gig, which I also have not altered at all, you will see, I write all kinds of stories for people. Fantasy stories, criminal stories etc. I also have gigs offering quotes and slogans.
I don’t find anything wrong with an entire genre of literature.

It really does not affect me personally or my self esteem or the way I view myself to have a bunch of people spend their day discussing my every move, until the thread has gone so far off topic that it is closed by moderators.

However I will admit that I don’t usually enjoy spending my time and energy on these sort of things. I want to be here on this page to help anyone who wants help from me. I posted my other thread in concern and care for others, but truthfully I have found that sadly I can’t spend my energy on this in the future when it turns into something so stupid.


Nobody cares… (20 char)


well certain people seemed to care so much :joy:


To be sincere I only read the title, the first paragraph then commented.


What do you call this?

Your previous post was all about how you feel sad for girls who have gigs to be pretend girlfriends and moaning that there are so many of them (there is only one actually) when it looks like that’s what you are doing based on your tags, pictures and offer to chat online as a friend. And usually a close up of a smile shows the entire face, not just the mouth and chest. I hope this thread gets closed too.


Come on girl!

If you’re smart enough it takes just 30 seconds to check Tags.
And if you’re smart enough you should have taken those 30 seconds before posting a “rant” about services you also provide :blush:

Cheer up and go get some Icecream! :grinning::icecream:

After all

You only get one chance to make a first impression


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This thread is going nowhere. Since it seems to be heading in the same direction as the previous post it will now be closed for new entries.