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Is This Buyer For Real?

Buyer wants someone to design the cover of a book, plus write all the content (inspirational quotes) for the princely sum of five bucks.

Wouldn’t it be more profitable for any seller responding to this request to just put the book out themselves? :joy::dizzy_face:


Well, that’s what the prospect has been trying to do. Leaving no way to suffer a loss. Why do it yourself when you can find a writer plus designer for a mere $5? The interesting thing would be if he actually find out somebody willing to do it all for $5. I would suggest you to keep a check on his/her profile and see if someone really did it for him/her.

The buyer is a cheapstake smh.

He could still suffer a loss if it’s a physical book and he has to buy copies and send them to various national libraries and earns less than the amount spent on it.

Edit: And there’d be legal/copyright issues with any quotes included - it’d be easiest to use quotes written <1923 I think to help avoid copyright issues.

I think he forgot 2 0’s!

I don’t think somebody who’s asking for so much for $5 is looking to produce a physical book, and the OP’s gig is also titled “Ebook Cover Design”.

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do as the buyer says and then tell him you are gonna publish the book with your name on it :smiley:

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As time goes on you learn to ignore a lot of things you see.

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