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Is this buyer legit?

Hi, I’m a new seller and I recently got a gig from a buyer. Long story short, I offer services for book service designs (mainly novels). This buyer requests a gig to me for a design that is not quite my genre, but I thought, well it’s my first gig. I had to make the best possible impression. The buyer placed the order when I was on vacation, and the deadline took place right on the day I get back (he apparently placed the additional fee for faster turnaround), so I’m obviously late for my gig. We talked and he seemed alright with me turning in the gig later than the projected deadline. I was expecting him to get a little pissed since I couldn’t complete the order on time, but instead, he said:

“Either way, thanks for your help and you have a great 5-star review awaiting you!”

I’m a bit suspicious when something too good to be true came up. I thought it’s fishy for him to offer me a 5-star review when I couldn’t complete the order in time. I checked on his profile. He received all 5 stars with only short comments from sellers “Interesting task, great experience”

Am I being a little too suspicious? How can I tell if a buyer is legit and not just some bot? I need a little enlightenment on this. Thank you!

Did you request an extension of the deadline?

As a new seller myself, I understand the pressure of the first sell. But if you are not comfortable with it, don’t think you can do it or the order is not related to the specifications of your gig, then maybe you should cancel. You are the only one who can answer those questions.

I don’t think that in itself is suspicious. If he didn’t need it the day before yesterday :wink: and was fine with a longer delivery time, why not. I got gigs where buyers wrote in the requirements “I don’t need it in x days”, “Take the time you need”, etc., many aren’t aware at all that we as sellers live with strict deadlines and mighty ratings.
As a buyer, unless I’d have ordered something really time-sensitive, I wouldn’t mind either. I had to give a seller five days or a week time extension once and still gave him a 5* review in the end because the product was as advertised (apart from the delivery time) and I liked it and didn’t mind the few days more, sellers are no robots, sometimes life happens.
It totally depends on the buyer but I don’t think it’s a reason to get suspicious, enjoy your five star review. :slight_smile:

As for that, well, especially if a buyer orders for the first time, there’s often not really much you can write as a seller. For privacy reasons, it’s not a good idea to describe the project you did for a buyer (since we now have the blind review system, you don’t know if the buyers themselves mentioned the nature of the work you did for them before you have already left your review).
Many orders go like, buyer orders directly without conversation, just sends a file without any comments, gets their delivery and completes/rates the order. Nothing much to write about that.
Also, some sellers (some buyers as well) generally only leave short comments, be it to save time, because of language issues, because they already left a dozen reviews for the same seller/buyer, …

On another note, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the different options to avoid late deliveries (time extension request, out of office mode, limit orders in queue, pause gigs, raise delivery time), you can find info about that in the Seller Help Center, a good read for any new sellers anyway, because late deliveries do harm your rating, whether the buyer is cool with them or no. Welcome to Fiverr and the forum. :slight_smile:


He most likely is. We have different buyers with different characters or mindset on the platform.

Please take this positively, In this platform there are lot of Excellent Buyers. Do your best job with 100% Effort & Don’t worry about buyer review if they like your job definitely you will get 5-Stars. Some times delay delivery is may not a mater for buyers, But your profile must affected for late delivery.

I see. Thank you so much for your insights! You’ve educated me what buyers are like in Fiverr.

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Hi! I was just wondering how it ended up with this particular client of yours? I’m a new seller and just received a message from 2 people (almost simultaneously and too coincidental imo). I’ve received nothing but clear scam messages in the past 4 weeks hence I am at a point of extreme paranoia.

These two new people have a different tone though which led me to thing maybe they are finally real customers?? I am in conversation with one of them and things are going really good so far. It sounds like a genuine person needing tasks done… We haven’t iced anything but something still feels amiss. :frowning:

Anyway, sorry if hijacked this thread. I would love to hear what came of your situation and how things are now. Thanks!!