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Is this buyer trying to take advantage and get free work

I have a photo gig and this very “polite” returning buyer that is constantly asking for free work (not exactly phrased like that obviously), and I’m getting tired of explaining to him I cannot provide more that what he payed for.

He is not an a-hole buyer at all but I really feel he knows he’s trying to take advantage of me. Or maybe I’m crazy and he’s just ignorant or has trouble making up his mind.

After delivering orders he’s always saying stuff like this:
“Thank you for your good work. Is it possible to take the pictures outside instead?” (when he specified at the beginning it could be inside or outside and I just turned out to take them inside)
“And is it possible to take some additional wider pictures when doing the above pictures”
“I do like your work. Can you also take a replacement one for x”

I have explained the gig was only for x amount of photos, and that he didn’t specified this or that when the order was created, and I have created custom gig extras for the extra photos he has asked for but then when I deliver those he wants them again with modifications.

Should I keep working with him and just send him a bunch of custom gig extras for the additional photos he’s always asking for? Or should I reject his requests? It’s tiresome to be honest but the fact the he asks so politely makes it difficult for me to decide.

Thank you beforehand for your thoughts!


Hi! I’m so sad to read this, it gets unnerving. It happens to me all the time, I offer vocal tuning for singers and sometimes there are buyers who keep asking for more work even after they’ve approved the delivery.
When they make me feel too anxious i just go and block them. I know I’m losing potential money since they are recurring customers, but it’s better to be safe

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Well I don’t have much experience on here but I would tell him the situation and if he wants more pictures just say that you would do that for more money and if he keeps on insisting just don’t do more work, I hope that you solve this soon without problems :slight_smile:

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Do not engage the buyer, merely send the buyer a custom offer for the work he requests. He will get the hint or he may order.

I would advise using the blocking feature as a last resort. I have read on the Fiverr Forum that sellers have noticed a marked decrease in orders after they block two buyers close together in time.

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