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Is this commercial use?

I work for a non profit and we want to get a series of different people saying something about blood donation when put on hold after calling us. Would we need to pay the commercial $20 fee for a voice over in this case?

If the artist you get it from says you need to pay for commercial use then you do.
If the artist you get it from does not charge for that then you do not have to pay for that.
It is up to the artist who sells you the voiceover. The choice is theirs.

So its up to the artist if something is commercial use? I figured an on-hold message would be a yes or no if it was considered commercial use or not. We arent using it for tv radio or an ad, but since we are saying donate blood at the end i wasn’t sure.

Usually voice mails don’t fall under the commercial license. There are sellers that don’t charge for a commercial license. Feel free to shop around. And yes it is up to the artist if they charge for a license and how much ; ).

As I said whether or not you have to get a license is up to each individual seller. Just find one who includes commercial use automatically in the price. It depends on the judgement of each seller whether they want to allow commercial use automatically or charge extra.

Anything used in any business whether profit or non profit is commercial use. If it is used in a home (not a home office) it is personal use. So if it is for a non profit then yes that is commercial use.