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Is this Earnings requirement is new to have a next level?


I’m new seller to fiverr, this is a screenshot of my current analytics status. is this earnings section is new or are they increase the requirement capacity? I have a friend that he step to the level 1 only having 10 orders… those are almost $5 orders so he only earned $40-$60 and became a level one. but it is asking me for $400 to be a level 1. please anyone can explain this? :thinking: :disappointed_relieved:



Those requirement you see will be implemented as from Jan 15. But before then, just complete 5 more orders, and be online for 30 days and also maintain a minimum of 4.8-star rating. With these, you will become a L1 seller.

I also just got my L1 badge 45 minutes ago.

Tip: attain these requirements quickly so you can become a L1 seller before Jan 15


are you think if i managed to complete 10 orders before 15 jan. can i be a level 1?


Yes. You will be a L1 seller if you complete 10 orders and have a minimum of 4.8-star rating.


That’s fine! :heart_eyes: Thank You! :wink:


As it says on the analytics page you showed us, you will need to earn $400 first to get to level one. It’s really not very much and you are on the right path to get there so maybe after a couple of more evaluation periods you will reach level 1.


Thank You for your words! :blush::santa:


That only works as from Jan 15. For now, it is not a liability to reaching L1. I got to L1 today and I have not even earned $400


I think so you should earn $400 to get level 1


It does not determine for now.


Yes - the new $400 requirement only comes in on 15th January.

If you complete the current requirements before then you’ll get your level 1. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m done with 10 orders. looking for level 1 :blush:


Fairly new but at least a few weeks to a few months. And yes- to move to the next level ALL requirements must be met. Be Patient. Youll get there! Goodluck!


Have you used 30days as a seller on the platform? If not you can not receive the badge.


not 30. it’s 60. yes i have completed 60 days as a seller. :blush:


Don’t worry, you will become a L1 seller soon


if it doesn’t happen by 15th jan. i will want to earn $400 to be L1 :dizzy_face:


Yes, but I wish it happens before then.


When did you complete all the requirements.


Thanks :heart_eyes::relaxed: