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Is this even legit?

I got a buyer request kinda saying that they will provide 5 star rating in the end. I wanna know if these are scammers or real buyers.

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Personally I’d stay away from that.
I don’t see any budget either, huge red flag there.
Seems like this person is trying to get desperate new sellers to get him do a lot of work for a tiny amount of money.


Good grief. Appalling.

I suspect the seller won’t make lots of money.

And I suspect the buyer is deliberately appealing to the nativity and desperation of new sellers by talking about eight 5 star reviews - although I note the use of the word 'potentially!


buyer request in 80% fake it is very difficult to find a real buyer .

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it’s better to stay away from those type of requests.

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The only reason someone would say that is to manipulate you.

Think about it: why would they offer a five star review for something before knowing if the work and customer service warrants one?