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Is this fine to contact previous buyers to give them discount offers?

I am a basic seller at Fiverr and struggling to get new orders although I have applied to 100 buyers requests but not getting enough orders regularly.
I want to ask the community that is it ok to offer a discount to my previous customers to come back and get done their work at lower rates? Is this going to violate Fiverr policy or not?


The “Coupons” program basically serves that function, but it is still in limited access to only certain sellers.

Otherwise, to contact previous buyers with offers for new work is spam, and can result in your account receiving permanent warnings, being suspended, or even terminated.


Exactly, but not every employee of Fiverr CS knows this so it is very confusing and frusttrating.

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Does it really matter if every CS employee knows it or not? All a buyer has to do is hit the SPAM icon and the seller is reported. And plenty of sellers have come to the FF saying they got a warning for contacting previous buyers.


@vickiespencer “reach out to past buyers and let them know”

SoMeone told me to contact my previous buyers as a way of getting more orders.

I told him that is considered spam and against TOS.

Still waiting for his reply on that.

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Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page under Violations.

The Coupons program only is allowed as detailed above by @enunciator


Thank you so much for this contribution. I was just thinking this might be the way to get more order. But as per above discussion now I am clear that It is the violation of TOS. Thank again all who participated.

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Fiverr Help section

Fiverr TOS

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Those two statements run opposite of each other.

I guess a bit of muddled, contradicting text is to be expected in a platform’s rules… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

-I also just noticed the very unfortunate spelling error in the thread title…not the first one, yep that one. :rofl:


I have seen the issue of Fiverr contradicting itself before. BUT I would go with what TOS says.

TOS seems to change quite often and when it does Fiverr does not update the content on its platform. :see_no_evil:


When such thing happens, you follow the rules, and Fiverr’s rule is TOS. TOS is what prevails and has hierarchy. Doing anything against it will get you in trouble.


Agree, I have been told by a success manager (not my current one) that I ought to frequently reach out to past buyers to get more orders. I didn’t even want or need more orders… when I am at capacity, then I don’t care to chase more volume!


I have never seen a forum post that says you violated a Help Centre Article and have got a warning/disabled account etc.

The Terms of Service are the actual Fiverr rules and must take precedence.


Yes, but the catch is that CS is sharing that advice in their tickets reply as well as Success managers…

Several VO artists that sent me unsolicited messages told me that their SM suggested that they should find successful animators and cold call em.

Point is that CSM and CS agents don’t always know what they are talking about.


Good question.

Would I like the gas station to call me to see if I plan to fill up there again sometime soon at a discounted price?

Probably not.

Sounds desperate to me.


Particularly i contact just if the buyer already made many orders with me, then i check about the service that was done and if they need something else. As written in the tos you can contact only about the order or gig.