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Is this fishy or am I paranoid?

Hey all! I have a bit of a strange thing that happened. A potential client contacted me asking for a breakdown of what I offer. I responded and he said that he’d like to hire me. However, instead of responding through the Fiverr messaging system, he took a snapshot of a message saying he’d hire me (he used my name and everything and mentioned things from my previous message so it was personalized and not a standard message). He attached the picture of the message via the Fiverr messaging system. I am very confused why he would do so. He then asked if we could talk over the phone about his needs. He’s a high rated buyer and has been on Fiverr for a while and he offered me a bit more money than I asked for. All his reviews are positive.
I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid or if something’s off here. I’m new so I’m not sure what the standard norms are.

Oh, you’re not being paranoid - these are red flags indeed.

The buyer may well be confused that you have a s kyp e offer there in your standard packages - do you have CS permission for that, btw? You know that’s a breach of TOS …

Turn the buyer down, pronto …


I’m glad I’m not being paranoid! I just sent him a message saying I couldn’t take the gig. Thank you! Could you point out what were the red flags? I was suspicious of using a picture instead of a message but I’m not sure why that would be a red flag.

Oh, I don’t have permission! I actually didn’t know I needed to. I just saw it said that if it’s part of the package it’s alright. I will contact CS right away; thank you for letting me know!


It’s just very odd behaviour. You’re new. Odd behaviour is a red flag.

Yes - get permission from CS for your gigs - both of them.

And read the terms of service - the bit where it talks about communication outside fiverr being forbidden, in particular:


Thank you so much! I appreciate the answers.