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Is this fiverr bug or new features?


Suddenly I can see this on order page .
Is this error or new feature.?


Neither, I suggest you clear the cache and history, or better yet, use another browser.


I had refreshed that page multiple times… Now it is okay From another browser.I was thinking that is new feature :joy:


Aren’t you a web designer as your name suggests? :smile:
Couldn’t you tell that it was a loading/existing data issue?


That was not problem . I have refreshed that page several time … But It was showing same thing… I thought may be new features :grinning:.For that not tried to check from another browser … Just checked now …


I think that’s one ugly feature. They would never do that


I can’t sure that they will not do that … I am not understanding what is the purpose of the “star” text . When I click on it .It show error page…:roll_eyes:

Have you tired that ?