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Is this fiverr gig a bad idea or against the rules?


Hey people, I had an idea of a fiverr gig but I’m not sure if this is a bad idea that will not sell at all or if this is possibly against fiverr rules or if it is against any general compyrights, so I though i would ask for the opinion here.

I thought I could offer a gig where people could pay for me to find online CC0 licensed resources like images, audio/sounds, videos, textures, 3d models etc. As I remember that took me alot of time when I was making a game myself and had to find free/ cheap CC0 licensed resources online, so this could be time saving.

What do you all think?

Thanks in advance!


Go ahead, there is nothing against the ToS.


In Doers we Trust! Just do it!


Wait are you considering ‘RE-SELLING’ licensed content??

You should contact customer support with your intent and clearly state what is the nature of your service being provided before you decide to go ahead with this gig.

A lot of ‘Free’ but licensed digital items require that you give CREDIT/ATTRIBUTE when using them.
So that is a VERY important factor. Because it does not mean you can use them for commercial purposes, nor can you re-sell them, unless otherwise CLEARLY stated.


He/she said free or cheap.


You can refer to this article and perform research on fiverr support pages as well:


I am aware of it, as I mentioned everything will have a CC0 license