Fiverr Forum

Is this forum going to replace the "Linked In Group" or suppilment it?


Frankly, I hope it replaces the Linked In group. It’s one less thing/place to log in…and, it’s going to be prone to duplication.

Also, can we have “Private” forums for “Levels”? Or are all forums accessible by all users…and that would be too much to add?


I find this forum easier to use and follow than the LINKEDIN forum for fiverr and I agree I hope they set up different forums for levels


Yes, I agree it’s ways nicer to see new posts here.


I just looked at my post the word LE VELS is linked, pretty neat if I do say so myself. This is why I like this forum platform much bettr


Never loved the LinkedIn format, like this one much better. More like a Forum!


To be frank, LinkedIn model sucks. I am loving this one! :slight_smile:


I really like this one it’s way more private and exclusive. That’s the way it should be :slight_smile:


I haven’t been over to LINKEDIn since I got my invite to this forum. I get emails about updates but usually delete them, I like this site MUCH better


Reply to oldbittygrandma: It has been posted on the LINKEDIN group now (yeah I finally went back there to check out if there were any posts of interest)


I didn’t even know there was a LinkedIn for Fiverr. I just got my forum invite today and hopped over. Great to chat with the community!


I like this forum coz more simple and quick

linkedin more complex coz it’s just not for fiverr only :slight_smile:


Yep, this is the PLACE for the Shiznit on the Fizznit!