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Is this Gig good? :)

please tell me if my gig is good and can you please tell me what I should improve

heres the gig


i think need to more example.


Yes it’s good. Though in your gig image it says “video editer” instead of “video editor”.

I think it might be easier to read if the headings were “Basic”, “Standard” etc. instead of BAS/STA/PRI. The pricing could be a bit clearer.

like for example?
I am very interested in that right now

The pronoun ‘I’ should always be capitalized.

example mean sample of your work.its identify your work and gig.


No video Please add some edited video as example.

add sample photos gig vedio…because i think you are doing online vedio editor …show your skills to others

Needs to Improve gig images, Description

interesting what should I do

Simple: research.

(And you still need to fix those pronouns.)