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Is this gig problem with everyone?

Hi everyone,
Is it just me or is it happening to any other person as well?
My gig :
It has same title, tags and description as last year and price is very reasonable too, for this category. But surprisingly, my gig views drop everyday. This same gig with same tags brought hundreds of views a few months ago but now they just seem to be stopped working. Although my gig is placed on the first page of its category; still no views and thus no orders :frowning:

But don’t you have 4 orders in the queue for it? Or do you mean those didn’t come from the search engine or that they are from a few days ago? You could check if the gig is still in the search engine. Or maybe stats changes have affected its position. Maybe having a few orders in the queue reduces it’s search ranking for a while.

Those orders are from my returning buyers, not from search engine. I checked it is on the first page in the 9th row out of 12 rows. I have had 30+ orders in queue with rising stats every day, in the start of this year. Queue has nothing to do with it. I am worried if it keeps going on…