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Is this going to affect my Gig?

A few hours ago my gig (the logo design one) got deleted for not using original vectors/ideas. I was surprised to hear that and I contacted customer support and asked for details. They got back to me asking for the source files, vectors, everything I used in the projects I posted in my gig gallery. I did that, I gave them everything, I even gave them links to the companies I created those logos with and means to communicate with them and they reinstated my gig minutes later.

Will this dead time affect my Gig? It’s a fairly new gig, I’m fairly new on Fiverr, 10 days old and only 2 orders, but I was concerned about the visibility of my gig being reset after this incident.

And a rant: Why can’t they just ask for the files first and delete your gig if you don’t provide them?


I don’t think this will affect your gig much. Just keep delivering great quality and get orders flowing in, and your gig should be ranked as before. It doesn’t sound like your gig was penalized in any way, just restricted for a while.

The reason they simply deactivate your gig first and ask questions later is to protect Fiverr against potential lawsuits because of published copyrighted material. They want the material off the site as fast as possible, and can’t wait for you to take action if they receive indications that you infringed upon someone’s rights.

Besides, Fiverr has thousands of sellers, and files being uploaded constantly. So if they were to handle each of these requests manually by reviewing them, they would need to hire an army.

Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:


I get it, in a way. There’s a Romanian saying: " Once you burn yourself with soup, you’ll blow on yoghurt too next time."

We have a similar saying in Norway: Burnt kid fears fire.


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We have a similar saying in Norway: Burnt kid fears fire.