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Is this good? I need advices

I’m getting views and click on my gigs but no one is ordering, I´m doing something wrong? I see people getting orders the same day they registered. Also is there a way to know if the buyer in a BR selected another seller?

Here is my profile too, I’m open to any feedback on how to improve my gigs.

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Just wondering how do you see that?

on the phone app under the home tab

People who get sales the same day as they register or create their first gig here on Fiverr are extremely lucky. I was extremely fortunate to receive my first order within four days, and another few a week later, but I know that for many people the wait can be far longer.

The impressions you’ve received are a great start. It shows that you’re showing up in search results and that people are taking the time to look at your gig. Something to bare in mind though is that impressions do not equal purchases. I bet that, for a lot of people here on Fiverr, if not everyone, their impressions are higher than their rate for gigs purchased.

One thing you can do to try and get your first order is to look at your competitors. What are they doing? Don’t copy them, because that’s immoral and I’m pretty sure it’s against Fiverr’s TOS, but take inspiration from them. Look at their titles, descriptions, etc., and compare them to your own. What are you missing? Is there something you could be offering that they aren’t? That’s a good way to get ahead in Fiverr’s marketplace.

I hope this helps!


Hello Gabriel!

I’m in the translation business as well, LVL 2 seller on Fiverr and I’ve been doing this since 2015. It’s really hard but once you build some reputation your sales will start growing.

Here’s a list of tips that took me a couple of years to find out:

  • Proofread your description (in your case you have mistakes that would deter potential customers from hiring you)

  • Proofread your gigs (again, you have mistakes there)

  • Proofread everything again OR have it proofread by someone else. As a translator you can’t afford to have grammar or spelling mistakes. Your potential customers are subconsciously evaluating you and a typo will make you go from “possibly” to “no way” in no time. They’ll think that if you don’t pay attention to YOUR gig description how could you pay attention to THEIR project.

  • Don’t use generic, stock, or watermarked images as your gig thumbnails. The thumbnail MUST be unique and eye catching. It MUST stand out from the rest. (In your case you use a watermarked video from a scribe videos website, which looks generic and not interesting). Make sure you include the basic information of your gig so customers can find out what your gig is about at a glance. I always include starting price, number of words, and my photo in the thumbnail. This way customers can see that I’m not the cheapest one, then they see my rating, number of reviews, and see that I’m an actual person.

  • If you have more than one gig, make sure you follow the same design principles for your gig thumbnails and gig descriptions. This projects professionalism and a sense of “brand” associated with your name.

  • Don’t use a video for your gig unless you can: a) Record it in 1080p with good lighting and quality, b) Record it with a good decent microphone so your voice is clear, c) Deliver your speech with confidence, in a natural and friendly way.


  • Have the gig video taken professionally.

  • Put a lot of effort into finding the right tags for your gig. You only have 5 so choose them wisely for optimized impact.

  • Understand that you’ll be undervaluing your work at the beginning. In 2015 the average rate for EN to ES translations was $0.07/word. I didn’t get a single order until I started charging $0.01/word! After I built myself a reputation, I was able to rise my fees and still continue selling at a steady rate.

  • Raid the buyer requests section. Send offers like mad. One will accept and you’ll have an order!

  • Check your comptetitor. Go and check the gigs from the most successful translators in Fiverr and copy their strategies. This is how other businesses work. It shouldn’t be different for translators.

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate reaching out to me if you need further assistance.

Take care,



Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing the buyer’s actions. If the buyer is interested in your services, they will contact you… They might get back to you immediately… or they might take their own sweet time in picking a seller of their choice.

There was this one time when I got a positive response from a buyer—one week after responding to their buyer request.

The buyer is making his or her choice. Your impression is good and with time you should start getting orders.
Update your gig if possible.

Thanks for replying and for the advices, I will start doing this!

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Hey Javier

Thank you for sharing your tips, they are definitely gold! I´m going to start checking my gigs to change what you mention before, I appreciate the time you took to write this and hope to get my first order soon.


You’re welcome!

Take care.

Everything looks fine. Keep it up